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Workforce Investment and Skill Adaptation Key to Thriving in an Evolving Job Landscape

Employers have been urged to invest in their workforce and adapt to skill sets to match the changing job landscape.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the Zamara Regional summit, Sally Mahihu, Chairperson, of Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest), emphasized on the need for aligning talent with market opportunities and the role of strategic workforce planning in driving growth and achieving success in a dynamic business environment.

“Organizations must now recognize the transformative nature of the job market due to technological advancements, shifting consumer demands, and global economic changes. These necessitate continuous learning and upskilling to ensure that employees remain relevant and competitive in their respective fields,” she said.

On his part, Raymond Muthama, Chief People and Culture Officer at Zamara, emphasized the significance of understanding the unique needs of each generation within the workforce.

“Crafting a robust workplace culture should not be misconstrued as creating a cult-like atmosphere. Rather, it involves aligning values, fostering inclusivity, and nurturing innovation,” Mr Muthama said. He added that an inclusive workplace culture acts as a catalyst for employee engagement and overall organizational success.

With an increasing number of Millennials and Gen Zs now in the workforce, Mr. Muthama sighted the significance of crafting an environment where diverse generations collaborate seamlessly, recognizing one another’s strengths, and jointly contribute to the growth and innovation that propel businesses to new heights. “Understanding generational dynamics should be a guiding principle for leaders aiming to establish workplaces that not only endure but flourish in the face of changing times,” he concluded.

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