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Agilitee’s Africa journey: Apartheid to EV leader and $100M Malawi Park Investment



Looking back to already well-established competitors in the market, such as Tesla, which faced near-bankruptcy in the past, have experienced challenges on their journey to electrify transportation.

The automotive industry often witnesses companies diving into electric vehicle production, grappling with difficulties before achieving success, and Agilitee is a case in point.

Initially barred from operating in South Africa by a small influential group and the descendants of the architects of the Apartheid system, Agilitee overcame obstacles, launched its vehicles nationwide, and secured the 207th spot among the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturers.

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Agilitee’s current success has become a source of inspiration for many Africans. The company recently announced a strategic alliance with Innobuild Malawi, signaling its entry into the Electric Vehicles (EV) space in Africa. Innobuild Limited’s CEO, Billy Chiwotha, expressed pride in their partnership, anticipating a transformative impact on Malawi’s transportation sector.

“Innobuild Malawi is delighted to announce the signing of a groundbreaking agreement with Africa’s leading EV Manufacturer, Agilitee, to enter the Electric Vehicles (EV) space. We are proud to play a significant and a fundamental part in uplifting the welfare for locals through provision of creative services and products. Today, we have signed a landmark partnership that will completely transform the transport sector in Malawi,” said Billy Chiwotha, CEO Innobuild Limited.

The collaborative efforts between Innobuild and Agilitee Africa aim to significantly improve the lives of Malawians by promoting sustainable and effective means of transport through the introduction of Electric Vehicles (EVs). The partnership promises benefits such as cost-efficient transportation, reduced pollution, and the creation of job opportunities in Malawi.

Partnerships for Growth 

Fredrick Muteti, Head of Partnerships at Agilitee, highlighted the significance of the partnership in changing travel dynamics and contributing to environmental sustainability in Africa. The collaboration will lead to the establishment of Agilitee Malawi Limited and a $100 million Industrial Park capable of producing 200,000 electric vehicles annually.

Agilitee’s plans to roll out 50,000 electric scooters in Africa by the end of 2024 include Malawi, contributing to local job creation. The company’s move to Malawi is expected to strengthen the country’s economy and position it as a leader in electric vehicle manufacturing in Africa.

Agilitee’s entry into Malawi introduces new models, including the Agilitee LoadMo, Agilitee Loadfast, and Agilitee Loadbug. This move underscores the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its role in shaping the future of transportation in Malawi.

Founded in 2018 by South African billionaire Mandla Lamba, Agilitee is expanding into the Indonesian market in the first quarter of 2024, marking its third presence in Asia. The company became a public entity in South Africa in 2022, and Mandla Lamba generously donated over 150 million personal founder shares to nearly 2000 families known as Agilitians, representing a little over 15% of Agilitee’s total issued share capital of 1 billion shares.

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