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Agilitee’s new LoadFast Scooter Cuts Companies’ Fuel Costs by Thousands



Agilitee has unveiled its latest baby, the Agilitee LoadFast delivery scooter, catering to the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions.

This off-road vehicle boasts a range of 120 kilometers per charge and a maximum speed of 70kmph, along with a swappable battery that can be replaced within sixty seconds and a carrying capacity of up to 150kg.

Agilitee touts the two-wheeler scooter a truly African vehicle as it is developed as an off-road vehicle.

According to the e mobility firm, LoadFast has a range of 120 kilometers per charge and a maximum speed of 70kmph. It uses a swappable battery that can be swapped for a full one within sixty seconds, and it can load up to 150kg of delivery weight.

Agilitee, founder Mandla Lamba, believes the future is green and investments in clean and smart technologies are the only way out for a sustainable future.

“The raw materials used to build this model have strengthened its durability to a degree that it is not easy to damage. Agilitee electric vehicles are now in full circulation in South Africa as many delivery companies have opted to use our vehicles for delivery and save a lot on fuel costs,” said Lamba.

 He added “These companies are saving R5000 per month on petrol costs and they also save on repair costs, since our vehicles come with a maintainence plan of 100,000 km. To be honest, we are making a great impact in the market, and we are helping the delivery market to create drivers’ jobs every day. We are not where we want to be, and yet we are also not where we used to be,”

Agilitee has also just received approval for an equity funding of $200 million from an American investor, and both companies are expected to make a joint statement within three weeks.

The company recently announced a partnership with PT Valencia Utama Group of Indonesia, a partnership that has allowed for the formation of Agilitee Indonesia Group, which commenced operations on the 1st of May 2024.

It is understood that PT Valencia is the one that approached Agilitee with the deal of expansion into the world’s second largest motorcycle industry as Indonesia boasts over 175 million scooters on its roads, which Agilitee seeks to convert into electric vehicles with the great support that Agilitee is receiving from the Indonesian government.

Goal number seven of the United Nations says by 2030, there should be enhanced international cooperation to facilitate access to clean energy research and technology. Agilitee said it seeks to fulfil this goal through continuous innovations.

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