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All Africans to get an opportunity to own Emergen8 satellite branches



Emergen8, the world’s first fully electric courier and last mile delivery company has finally launched its App and it went live on the 8th of May 2023 on Google’s playstore.

The App is officially available for download already.

The App will also be available on Apple Store on the 21st of May 2023. You can download the app on the link.

Green mobility is really promising an even brighter future for Africa. The industry has opened so many doors for African innovators to enter the market and penetrate it with good inventions, such as the case of Emergen8, which is the very first full electric courier company in the world.

Emergen8 is the very first full electric courier company in the world. It is thrilling to know that it is from Africa by Africans.

Emergen8 owns and also manages an extensive range of electric vehicles to accommodate all deliveries, from express, same-day, and normal deliveries for consignment of any size or weight, from a single envelope or a burger for lunch to a pallet load.

Their fleet is fitted with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), which provides real-time satellite tracking of each delivery.

Emergen8 is the brainchild of Dr. Mandla Lamba, who is the pioneer of electric vehicles and artificial intelligence in Africa. Lamba is also the founder of Agilitee, The first electric vehicles, Greentech, and AI manufacturing company in Africa.

Emergen8 has started signing up big corporate accounts, and the names will be announced on the 28 of April 2023. These are big corporates who have decided to jump ship in an effort to go green and help reduce carbon emissions the same time, saving costs.

The business operates through a franchising model of satellite branches, and the opportunity to own a satellite branch is open to all Africans.

The company is bringing the shift Africa has been waiting for, and with the track record of Dr. Lamba, there’s no doubt that this too will be a great success.

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