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BasiGo Launches First High-Power DC Fast Charging Station for Electric Buses in Buru Buru, Kenya



The first-of-its-kind Electric Bus charging station in Buru Buru has capacity to charge 6 electric buses simultaneously.

BasiGo now has three charging stations in operation in Embakasi, Kikuyu, and Buru Buru

BasiGo has launched a first-of-its-kind, high-power DC Fast charging station for electric buses in Buru Buru. The station has capacity to charge 6 electric buses simultaneously, but is projected to support 25 Electric Buses by year’s end. The charging station is the first to be connected to Kenya’s new E-mobility tariff approved by EPRA in March of this year. The E-mobility tariff provides low cost power for electric vehicle charging during nighttime hours when Kenya currently has a surplus of renewable energy supply.

Speaking at the launch, Jit Bhattacharya, BasiGo CEO said: “BasiGo is proud to have our Buru Buru charging station be the first connected through the new E-mobility tariff. Every Electric Bus we deploy and charge replaces the consumption of 20,000 Liters per year of imported diesel, with the consumption of 50 MWh of clean, renewable electricity produced here in Kenya. With the new E-mobility tariff, we are able to invest in infrastructure like this charging station and enable the rapid growth of the electric vehicle industry in Kenya.”

Speaking at the launch, Dr. (Eng.) Joseph Siror, KPLC Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer said

Here in Kenya, the transport sector contributes to 67% of all emissions in the energy sector and 12% of national emissions. The sector emissions are projected to rise to 17% in 2030. To combat this trend, the emissions sector ought to be supported to grow and take off in the country. Being the biggest economy in the region, an innovation hub, and a clean energy global leader, Kenya stands an unparalleled chance to become the launch pad for the rest of the continent when it comes to the growth of the EV sector.

BasiGo now has 3 charging sites in operation in Embakasi, Kikuyu, and now BuruBuru, with capacity to charge over 20 electric buses. Located on Rabai Road, the Buruburu station will be the home base for Electric Buses operated by OMA Services and Embassava SACCO.

George Muriithi Githinji, Chairman OMA Sacco said: we are grateful to BasiGo for this partnership and entrusting us with 2 e-buses initially and now we are at 4. This is a transformation to our industry in terms of operations efficiency especially with the Pay as you Drive mode, cost effectiveness and environment friendliness compared to our diesel buses. The facility brings efficiency to our model of operations, because of its proximity and has helped us add additional 8-10 trips in our operations, which translates to revenue of around 22,000 per day.

 “Convenient and reliable charging infrastructure is the most critical challenge for electrifying public transport in Kenya. The Buru Buru station is located directly along our customer’s operating routes, making charging convenient and easy for their daily bus operations. Stations like this represent the future of how public transport will be powered in Kenya, and it is made possible through our close working partnership with Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC)” Jit added.

By the end of 2023, BasiGo charging stations will be made open to the public to charge electric cars and trucks. BasiGo plans to deploy charging Stations like these across Nairobi and eventually across the

country, in order to support the deployment of 1,000 Electric buses to Nairobi bus operators over the next3 years.

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