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BK Group celebrates being first cross-listed firm on the NSE-20 Share Index



BK Group Plc has lauded its inclusion as the first ever cross-listed firm in the NSE-20 Share Index.

The inclusion has elevated BK Group’s profile as an attractive investment option for investors seeking diversification, given that the index is composed of select prominent companies. 

“The inclusion in the NSE 20-Share Index will serve as a benchmark for investors to measure the performance of BK Group’s stock against the broader market. By consistently outperforming the index, BK Group will attract more investors,” said the BK Group CEO Béata Uwamaliza Habyarimana. 

Ms Habyarimana observed that Inclusion of BK Group PLC in a major index is a vote of confidence in the stability and financial health of the underlying business. 

“By maintaining its position in the index over time, Investors will view BK Group more favorably,” she added.

BK Group’s inclusion in the index is also expected to boost investor confidence, as it indicates that the company is well-established and has met certain financial and operational criteria for inclusion. Being on the list of the NSE 20-Share Index also enhances BK Group’s visibility both regionally and globally. It signals that the company is a significant player in the Kenyan and East African financial market. 

“It will give BK Group a competitive advantage by differentiating it from other financial institutions. We will leverage on this status to attract customers and clients who value stability and market recognition,” added Ms Habyarimana. 

BK Group’s inclusion in the NSE 20-Share Index a month ago also comes with an obligation to commit to strong investor relations practices, which will in turn enhance reputation and relationships with shareholders. 

“Being the first foreign, cross-listed stock on the NSE 20 Share Index is a milestone that contributes to the Group’s brand strength and reputation both locally and on the international stage,” observed Bank of Kigali CEO, Dr Diane Karusisi. 

“Inclusion in the NSE 20-Share Index should significantly enhance the company’s global recognition,” added Dr Karusisi. 

The unique positioning also serves as a powerful marketing tool to attract investors, partners, and clients who value innovation and market leadership. This, in turn, should facilitate easier access to capital, enabling the Group to fund growth and expansion initiatives more effectively. 

“We believe that the recognition that comes with index inclusion will attract strategic partners and collaborations,” noted Dr Karusisi.

BK Group has recorded a high trading point of Kes40 per share since its cross-listing on the NSE, and an average price of Kes26. The Group is adequately capitalised and not looking to raise additional equity from the stock market in the medium to long term, Ms Habyarimana observed.

“BK Group has demonstrated the ability to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions and continues to assess market trends and adjust its strategies accordingly,” noted Ms Habyarimana.

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