Chairperson of Real Estate Association Kinyua Wairatu Brushes Off Fraud Claims Leveled against its Members

Association of Real Estate Stakeholders has moved quickly to dismiss claims levelled against three of its members that they have been involved in fraud.

In a statement to newsrooms, Chairman of the association Kinyua Wairatu defended the three companies namely Vasco Real Estate Ltd, Walysa Properties Limited and Zani Properties saying they should not be condemned for employing staff who previously worked in a company that scammed Kenyans.

Wairatu who is leading the robust lobby said the named realtors are clean and should not be associated with any form of scamming.

“The above mentioned companies are our members and there is no way we can allow their name to be tarnished out here,” said Wairatu.

Wairatu said time for blanket condemnation is over and every person should now be ready to carry their own cross.

“We have tirelessly worked to ensure that we have formed this body. We will not allow anyone to bring confusion. And we are telling Kenyans that anyone who is fighting this lobby is the enemy of Kenyans. Real estate must have confidence,” said Wairatu.

UN charter is very clear that Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

Kenyans have also been urged to ensure that they only trade with a company that is registered with the association.Verify before doing any investment.