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Cooperative Bank Partners with World Vision Kenya to Empower Vulnerable Communities



Cooperative Bank Partners with World Vision Kenya to Empower Vulnerable Communities

Cooperative Bank has joined forces with World Vision Kenya in a groundbreaking partnership aimed at empowering vulnerable communities across the nation.

This collaboration aims to address pressing issues such as poverty, water scarcity, education, health, and child protection particularly in Nakuru County.

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The partnership was solidified through a Memorandum of Understanding, signifying a commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

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Cooperative Bank kick started this initiative with a generous donation of KES 4 million, which will fuel World Vision Kenya’s Inuka Angaza Fund’s locally funded program in Salgaa.

Commenting on the collaboration, Gilbert Kamanga, National Director of World Vision Kenya, underscored the significance of the partnership beyond financial contributions.

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“With Co-operative Bank, we’re not just raising funds, but building a future. We are grateful for this timely partnership which will provide crucial solutions for the most vulnerable – our children – ensuring they can live life to the fullest, especially in the face of recent hardships.” Gilbert Kamanga said.

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He highlighted the importance of timely partnerships in providing crucial solutions for the most vulnerable, particularly children, ensuring they can thrive despite recent hardships.

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The Cooperative Bank-World Vision Kenya partnership represents a powerful synergy between the private sector and a renowned humanitarian organization, with a shared vision of fostering sustainable development and transforming lives in Kenya.

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