Cyber security skills an attractive career to Kenyan Youths

Dr. Bight Gameli, ESET EA's Brand Ambassador, discussed top 2020 Cybersecurity trends and demonstrated how malicious hackers infiltrate unencrypted and unsecured systems.

Cyber security can be an attractive carrer to the youth this according to ESET East Africa CEO Ms. Karen Cherry.

Speaking during the ESET Kenya educative forum with various government stakeholders

Ms. Karen Cherry said that ESET supports the President’s vision 2030 of economic growth through data protection for the government, Organizations and individuals.

“We need to make cyber security an attractive career for the youth to equip them well with technology security skills “,she explained.

She added that ESET has reported its highest revenue in Africa recently and grown its network.

Also present at the event, the Slovakian Ambassador to Kenya, H.E. Frantisek Dlhopolcek said that the ICT sector is very important for most governments and there is need to provide effective solutions to protect data.

ESET seeks to fully establish its potential in East Africa by offering high end online security solutions for enterprises and individuals.

ESET Brand Ambassador Dr. Bright Gameli emphasized on the need to strictly stick to policies and strategies in regard to cyber security to acquire resilience and control.

Highlighting top cyber security trends for 2020,Mr.Gameli articulated that mobile applications and business emails are easily compromised by hackers online without forgetting local governments information and SMEs.

“Lack of simple code encryption is another issue that causes information to be easily compromised online”, he explained.

He furthered that there is need to start from basics for security solutions for instance; going for multilayered approach to security that includes monitoring and visibility even from home and being proactive.

Dr. Bright took the participants through practical scenarios on online security threats and how to prevent and mitigate such threats. In his presentations; he demonstrated how hackers easily carry out their mischievous yet risky practices that mess up Organizations’ data.

A recent research conducted by ESET reveals that governments across the world are the most targeted by cyber attackers highlighting the importance of this timely discussion.

Majority of the targets have been on sectors such as; the military, education, police, and the foreign affairs. With the government handling massive amounts of valuable data, they become a lucrative target for cyberattacks, which calls for effective cyber security measures.