Digitization improving performance and creating opportunities for Duka owners

  • Digitization has enabled small duka owners adequately serve customers and increase the longevity of the
  • enterprises
  • Digital solutions are being used in processes such as financial management, and inventory management
  • TechnoServe has assisted 23,069 micro-retailers to access $5.28 million in loans

Duka owners or micro-retailers have embraced the use of technology in operating their businesses, which is
improving performance, says the non-profit international development organization TechnoServe.
TechnoServe says micro-retailers are using digital solutions provided by Retail Pay, Tanda, and Market Force, in key
areas including financial management, inventory management, and financial services, which in turn is improving
the performance of these businesses.

“Digitization of processes is making it possible for micro-retailers to improve supply chains, financial linkages, and
inventory management all of which are necessary to efficiently serve customers,” said TechnoServe Regional
Program Manager Alice Waweru.

She added that capturing of data and processing it also presents an opportunity for micro-retailers to make better
data-driven decisions.

These insights arose from the 6th Stakeholder’s forum hosted by TechnoServe and its partners, including Moody’s
Foundation, elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization, MasterCard Centre for Inclusive Growth (MCIG), Citi
Foundation, and the University of Nairobi.

TechnoServe has additionally found that improving efficiencies coupled with other initiatives such as proper
bookkeeping can increase micro retailers’ longevity and increase revenues by up to 45 percent.
The organization is additionally working on ways to improve micro retailers’ efficiency; including giving technical
advice on how these businesses can aggregate to benefit from economies of scale.

Since 2015, the organization has worked with 55,435 micro-retailers on improving their enterprises.
Additionally, 23,369 micro-retailers have managed to secure loans valued at $5,277,848 through the assistance of
TechnoSeve’s Smart Duka program.

Micro-retailers can additionally fill the gap left by large multinational retailers exiting Kenya and the wider African
retail market, especially if these businesses digitize their processes.