DT Dobie launches Sinotruk dealership

DT Dobie Managing Director (second left) and Sinotruk Country Manager Leo Wang celebrate the launch of the distributorship deal. With them are the Howo Brand Manager Jamesbon George (left) and DT Dobie Mombasa Branch Manager Chrispus Kioko (left)

DT Dobie has announced the acquisition of the Sinotruk franchise, an addition to its renowned stable of brands. The addition of the brand to the business is part of DT Dobie’s diversification strategy to grow its market share.

Sino brand consists of the prime mover, tipper, concrete mixer and rigid trucks, the ideal partner for logistics, construction, mining, manufacturing, horticulture and humanitarian services among other key sectors in the country.

Chris Ndala, DT Dobie Managing Director said, ‘‘Kenya, in the recent past, has experienced an increase in demand for the Sinotruk as a result of consumer trust in the brand. An alternative cost-friendly prime mover. The truck has been at the forefront of truck innovation and design over the past years. Today the range offers technologically advanced products, all designed to provide operators with the highest level of performance, comfort and reliability coupled with low costs.’’

‘‘The Kenya Government ban on second-hand trucks has reduced the country’s dependence on grey imports and encouraged companies to acquire locally assembled vehicles to help protect the environment and reduce environmental pollution. Buyers have the satisfaction of knowing that the units provide a longer period of operation before they reach the mileage of imported second-hand trucks, hence a higher return on investment.’’

Chris added, ‘‘The Sino truck sets a new benchmark for performance and fuel efficiency. The transport business has become increasingly competitive and fuel consumption ensures minimum operational costs. The advanced-level trucks are built to operate in extreme conditions and on any terrain with cutting-edge safety features. It also saves your time by maintaining an optimum speed that complements your needs.’’

Sinotruk is built with a powerful engine, excellent structure, high dependability, and exceptional cost-performance are some advantages that add to the value of the truck. Modern engineering allows the truck engine to operate for up to 100,000 kilometers without deforming.

DT Dobie offers driver training upon the purchase of a truck to ensure complete comprehension of the features and operations of the vehicle. Aftersales service is available through quality servicing and repairs carried out by our factory trained technicians who are backed by a comprehensive stock of spares. Customers will enjoy servicing their trucks across the East African region under the CFAO group.