Enhancing Sustainability in Ethiopia using solar energy – Winsol Green Power

By Biniyam Kebede

  1. What are the benefits of using solar sources of energy? Why do we need to mobilise investment in innovation in solar energy and other renewable energy sources?

As the world is experiencing climate change firsthand, it has become a trend to turn to renewable energy sources that come from sources such as the sun, earth and wind that are never ending.

With this being said, Africa is a continent with the shortage of electricity all round. The shortage of electrical power has made it a necessity to look for alternative sources of electricity in order to make everyday life easier.

Ethiopia, a victim of energy shortage, has been exhausting every possible source that is accessible to the country be it geothermal, hydro-, solar and even wind.

It has been proven that the country has untapped resources of energy and this calls for the opportunity of providing clean alternative energy sources that can be used together with the main electric power source.

Winsol Green Power Engineering P.L.C works on the provision of solar energy in different forms. It aims to provide solar energy equipment to places where the main electric power source is not available.

It works on areas that do not have the privilege of using electricity to light up their house, for their children to study at night and for women to have a less stressful and tiring day.

Winsol has also a reputation for its PAYGO solar lamps that were made of recycled plastic which was found to be a ‘two birds with one stone, type of solution.

Solar energy, being as clean as it gets, is a top-of-the-line choice because it is affordable, accessible and user friendly. Renewable energy, as a whole, should be accessible and promoted in accordance with its availability and cleanliness.       

  1. What is your vision for the future of Winsol green engineering products from a sustainability perspective?

As a company providing solar home systems, we aim to light up the rural community through affordable, user-friendly and sustainable solar home systems.

This must be done thoroughly if rural electrification is to be achieved without any problem. Our goal is to manufacture 65-70% of the solar home systems in-house in Ethiopia, creating a product that is uniquely made in the country with 65% of its components produced locally.

In an effort to further promote sustainability, the electrical components of our products will be encased in a recycled plastic housing.

This highlights our commitment to protecting the environment by using resources in a responsible and replenishable manner. Additionally, we recognize the importance of strategic partnerships and the progress we have made so far.

Thus, Winsol will continue to collaborate with key partners, like the AECF, to expand our reach and grow our market presence within the country.

  1. How can Africa chart a different energy pathway?

Africa, as a continent, has energy scarcity along with other problems. This is an opportunity in disguise since it presents the opening to come up and be innovative on how to address these issues.

Currently, with fossil fuel being highly expensive and high in emission of greenhouse gases, heads are turning towards sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Among these, hydro- and solar energy get the most attention due to the fact that they are accessible and highly efficient.

Despite the controversy of who is causing the most emission in the world, Africa needs to convert to the renewable energy sources not only because they are clean but because resources need to be used sustainably so that the future generation gets to enjoy and utilize what it has to offer.

Winsol Green Power Engineering PLC works on promoting the idea and practice of sustainable existence. In order to make this happen, renewable energy sources paly huge roles.

Among these, Winsol works on providing the solar home systems to areas where electricity is considered as a luxury. With solar energy, there is always light where the sun is.

The sun is found everywhere and if the right equipment is used it would be easy to harness the gift that we effortlessly get form nature.

It is also important that with solar energy, we only need install the equipment and harness the product. There is no need for us to construct other facilities to use the energy making it a cheaper investment.

The author is the General manager at Winsol Green Power Engineering P.L.C