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Israel to showcase technology at the Embu international agribusiness fair

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Embu County is set to host some of the most acclaimed Israeli agricultural technologies in a trade fair set for 28th January this year.

The international agribusiness fair will bring together several agriculture companies and stakeholders from Israel and Embu County to showcase their technological innovation in Agriculture and Energy.

The fair co-organised by the County Government of Embu, Israel’s Economic Mission to Kenya and Start Up Nation Central in partnership with Embu University will be held at the University of Embu grounds.

Embu Governor Martin Wambora will be the host alongside and Israeli Ambassador to Kenya Oded Joseph.

Governor Wambora said that the event will be a gathering point for all agriculture stakeholders in Embu County and beyond.

The agribusiness aims to address concrete agricultural needs and gaps, that will accurately represent data for a real strategic plan.

Some of the Israeli agricultural technologies include Start Up Nation Central, Amiran Kenya, Beauty Line Farm and Danziger.

Others include Evergreen, Closec, Aicl, Kedar Gap, Keilot, Milkey, Plantech ,Eshet Eilon, Plantech and Terraverde Kenya will also be showcasing.

“We are very happy to welcome the Israelis to Embu for this very important fair. I am sure farmers from Embu will learn modern agricultural skills such as the use of friendly solutions for handling fruits and vegetables and provision of holistic agribusiness techniques” Governor Wambora said. On show will be Israel technologies such as fruit-picking drones and pollination intelligence.

Over the years, Israeli agricultural innovation has continued to break barriers and cut across a range of hurdles, such as drought and limited availability of arable land.  The theme of the event is to promote and integrate innovative Israeli agricultural technologies in Embu County.

All the preparations for the event have been finalized according to the Embu County Executive Committee member for Agriculture Dr, Jamlek Muturi.

“We are sure that the agri-fair will see the county move forward in its major agricultural endeavors such as production of macadamia, coffee and tea as well as mangoes and greengrams among others.


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