Jambojet Suspends local flights

Jambojet has suspended all local flight operations in compliance with the government’s directive to of restricting movement in and out of Nairobi, Mombasa, Kwale, and Kilifi counties.

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday declared a cessation of all movement by road rail or air in and out of Nairobi, Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale counties for 21 days.

“In light of this, Jambojet will temporarily suspend all its operations for the period between07th – 30th April 2020. We, therefore, regret to inform all our customers and business partners that all the flights for the said period are canceled with immediate effect,” read part of the statement to newsrooms.

“We would like to encourage all passengers scheduled to travel within the month of April 2020, to consider rescheduling their travel plans to a later date at no extra cost. The value of these tickets will remain valid for a period of 12 months from the 07th April 2020,” said the airline.

The government’s directive of a cessation started yesterday (Monday 6th) whilst for the three coastal counties, the directive will begin on Wednesday 8th April 2020.

“There is a choice that we are asked to make as a government and as a people. Do we carry on as normal or treat this like an extraordinary emergency – which it is- and fundamentally change the way we act and behave,” President Kenyatta said.