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KBL Ignites Thika with Smirnoff’s Unforgettable Music and Fashion Weekend



Kenya Breweries Limited hosted an unforgettable weekend of music and fashion at the MKU Pavilion Grounds, all thanks to their Smirnoff Ready to Drink (RTD) brand. This spectacular event, marking the ninth edition of the Smirnoff Unleash Your Edge Fiesta, left music and fashion enthusiasts captivated by its charm.

Setting new standards for excellence, this edition of the Smirnoff Unleash Your Edge Fiesta elevated the experience by featuring an impressive lineup of top-tier performers, including the likes of Wakadinali, DJ Karoski, DJ Malaika, DJ Grauchi, MC Gogo, DJ Adalla, DJ ROQ, MC Ballo, DJ Daffy, and DJ IV.

This remarkable gathering seamlessly aligned with the overarching Smirnoff trademark, the “We Do We” campaign. “We Do We” is a vibrant global initiative that unapologetically celebrates the enchanting power of unity. It’s a symphony that blends diverse individuals, ingredients, and flavors into a masterpiece of extraordinary proportions.

Brigid Wambua, the KBL Smirnoff Brand Manager, beautifully articulated the essence of this event during her address: “Flavour with Edge is Smirnoff’s distinctive approach to enabling young Kenyans to celebrate and express their uniqueness and audacious spirit. Through a fusion of education and entertainment, we empower consumers to discover an extraordinary alternative to the ordinary. We create responsible drinking experiences that effortlessly embody an air of authenticity and distinction.”

Ms. Wambua went on to reveal that the “We Do We” campaign extends a heartfelt invitation to consumers to embrace and nurture a profound sense of unity and belonging. She stated, “Smirnoff passionately believes that collective strength far surpasses individual endeavors, and this campaign heralds a significant paradigm shift, marking an era-defining transformation.”

Acquiring an entry ticket was elegantly simple; patrons only needed to purchase a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka Flavours or a six-pack of Guarana or Black Ice through, Glovo, Chupa Chap, Naivas, and Quickmart stores. Smirnoff RTD tantalizes the senses with its delectable and invigorating flavor profile, adding an extra layer of intensity, novelty, and elevated experiences to occasions.

The Smirnoff Unleash Your Edge Fiesta stands as a testament to Kenya Breweries Limited’s unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled entertainment, celebrating individuality, and fostering unity through the lens of Smirnoff’s “We Do We” campaign.

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