Kenyans Can Now Invest in The US Stock Market with Ksh1,100

Ever thought about investing in the US Stock Market? Now you can! Trove is a micro-investing platform that allows Africans to invest in stocks of amazing companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Netflix directly from your smartphone with as little as $10 or 1,100 Kenyan Shillings.

The plan to expand to Kenya rides on the back of the rapid adoption the fintech startup recorded in its launch market, Nigeria.

As the pioneer Stock investment platform in Nigeria, Trove was created with a mission of providing new and better ways for African investors to earn higher returns and build a sustainable investment culture.

Trove provides more than 10,000 US financial assets spread across stocks, bonds and Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) for users to invest.

The company has solved the problem of restricted market access for Africans that wish to diversify their portfolio more extensively than any current market player. 

Africans can easily assemble a competitive portfolio with the tap of a few buttons at highly competitive price points.

“From Anambra to Accra, Kampala to Kisumu, we remain committed to leveraging the incredible platform we have built to spread financial wellness to all of Africa by letting Africans invest in stocks on the New York Stock Exchange & the NASDAQ,” said Oluwatomi Solanke, CEO & Founder of Trove Global.

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