Kenya’s Construction Industry Set For Growth

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Kenya’s construction industry is projected to grow, as a result of increasing demand for pre-engineered building solutions that reduce construction time and cost.

The pre-engineered building solutions have revolutionized the construction industry by meeting the demand for innovative, cost-effective, and fast-paced construction of modern infrastructure.

Mabati Rolling Mills, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Andrew Heycott said that the growing awareness of green buildings and the demand for single-story buildings are projected to drive the growth of the pre-engineered buildings market.

“With a projected growth in the pre-engineered buildings market, we have introduced SAFBUILD to cater for consumers seeking cost-effective and environmental friendly solutions. We are exploring significant investments in SAFBUILD as an upgrade to the local steel PEBs rather than their replacement,” said Heycott

SAFBUILD is targeting investors keen in single pre-engineered building spaces such as factories, warehouses, storage facilities, and industrial plants.

“In future, we will be offering SAFBUILD on a franchise model, equipping an army of technical fabricators regional wide with the skills and tools to deliver the benefit of a superior technology to clients in manufacturing, agricultural value-addition, commercial and institutional segments,” said Mr. Heycott.

To reduce operations costs, SAFBUILD is designed and detailed on a design and analysis software that speedily automates a customer’s journey from idea to full project detailing within minutes, anchored on a stringent, world-class design code that factors superior parameters to applicable local standards.

SAFBUILD integrates other Safal’s building solutions including various roofing and wall cladding profiles and flashing elements, underlay SAFTHERM heat barrier-membranes, CLEARDEK polycarbonate translucent sheets, on-wall louvres and roof-mounted rotary ventilators, RAINGAIN rain-water harvesting accessories and matching performance FIXTITE fasteners. SAFBUILD offers a flexible, practical, value-for-money enclosure for all manner of human space-use needs. SBS, a subsidiary of Mabati Rolling Mills, shall liaise with the project consultants to avail all technical details required at both the design and implementation phases of the project and further offer erection supervision at site to ensure quality and design standards are met.

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