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LG Electronics Rewards 38% Discount To Supa Mamas To Commemorate Mother’s Day



To celebrate this year’s International Mother’s Day, LG Electronics has awarded a 38% discount to Supa Mamas on all their appliances.

The move is aimed to celebrate mothers and encourage them to embrace the use of LG products to counter the challenges they experience in their daily lives as mothers.

In the recent past, LG products, through their official distributor, Opalnet, have enabled mothers to handle the challenges they come across in many different ways. The LG Instaview fridge helps to keep lots of food and beverages fresher for longer, LG washing machines are time-saving, LG Smart TVs and audio systems offer a wide range of entertainment while the LG SolaDOM can perform multiple functions such as grilling, baking, and traditionally microwaving food.

As a result, home chores are made easier for mothers, entertaining the family is not fully their work and they therefore have more time to spend with family.

“We are very idealistic about our products and that is why what separates LG devices from any other devices is the amount of work we put into our tech. When it comes to house technology we make devices that will serve you for a good period of time and make your life better hence our slogan, LG-Life is good,” said Stanley Mwangoma, Product Specialist and Trainer for LG East Africa.

He further noted that all LG appliances have been made with updated technology to serve their customers for a long period with ease and are also saving energy. Moreover, with a monitor App, anyone is able to check the amount of power a device like a washing machine is using and ensure that it is regulated.

Speaking during the event, Supa Mamas’s CEO Catherine Kasina highlighted that the organization had initially partnered with LG to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2018 and 2019 and the greatest benefit is that their appliances make life easier, living up to LG’s mantra; Life’s Good.

“Motherhood itself is already tough. With a washing machine, for example, you do not have to sit on a Sunday worrying about doing your clothes while you need some rest. Get an LG washing machine, make motherhood smarter, and be a soft life ambassador. Embrace technology,” she said.

Through vouchers they were gifted during the event, mothers will be able to save while purchasing any LG product such as the dishwasher, washing machine, OLED TV, Instaview fridge, and LG Solardom among others. The voucher which is valid for thirty days can be used at any LG brand shop across the country.

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