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Mahiga Homes: Leading the Way in Affordable and Quality Real Estate Development



Mahiga Homes is a leading real estate company that excels in developing, building, and insuring properties for clients.

At Mahiga Homes, the company firmly believe that the key to their own success lies in helping others achieve success.

With a dedicated team of consultants, contractors, suppliers, bankers, and employees, they have always ensure a loyal and reliable network that contributes to exceptional services.

Mahiga’s group of properties stands out for their affordable pricing and breathtaking scenic views, offering residents a perfect blend of tranquility and privacy.

For over a decade, Mahiga Homes has specialized in providing top-quality and affordable homes in prime locations. they prioritize accessibility to essential amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and transportation networks, recognizing the needs of Kenyans in search of affordable housing amidst the ever-rising cost of living.

Patrick Waweru Muchoki and Joseph Ruhiu Thuo, are the two dedicated directors of the company, with a deep understanding of the housing challenges faced by many Kenyans.

They emphasize the importance of affordability without compromising on quality for valued clients. Through their innovative “Buy Now, Jenga Polepole” concept, that ensures that the final cost of each unit aligns with our clients’ investments.

This approach allows individuals to own high-quality homes without burdening their finances, and it has earned Mahiga Homes the trust and appreciation of countless Kenyans in pursuit of their dream homes.

“The impact of Mahiga Homes’ “Buy Now, Jenga Polepole” concept is transformative within the Kenyan real estate sector. By delivering affordable housing solutions without compromising on quality, we have made homeownership a reality for many individuals across the country.” Said one of the Directors

Mahiga homes  directors have expressed their satisfaction with this achievement, stating, “The ‘Buy Now, Jenga Polepole’ concept has revolutionized the way Kenyans approach homeownership.

It enables the company to provide affordable housing options while ensuring exceptional quality, making the dream of owning a home attainable for countless individuals.”

Mahiga Homes portfolio boasts a range of completed and ongoing projects. Having completed in over 10 Estates and settling over 320 families

Among the completed developments are Cornerstone Estate, Kamulu Cornerstone Gardens, Rock Garden Estate, Rock Villa Annex, and Osoit Garden Estate.

The ongoing projects include Golden Park Juja, Golden Rock Estate, Rockvilla Prestige Estate, and The Riverfront.

In recognition Mahiga homes outstanding contributions to the real estate industry, Mahiga Homes has been honored with multiple prestigious awards. These accolades include the Real Estate Developer Achievement Award, the Most Influential Real Estate Leader Award, and the 1st Runners-up CEO of the Year Award at the NaBLA Awards Gala and Summit.

The recognitions affirm how the Company is commitment to excellence and serve as a testament to their unwavering dedication to providing exceptional services to clients.

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