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Mahiga Homes Revolutionizes Homeownership with “Buy Now, Jenga Polepole” Concept

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When considering homeownership, thorough research and thoughtful decision-making are essential at every step.

One of the primary choices to make in this process is the path you’ll take, especially when cost is a significant factor.

 Building your home from scratch is one such option, Mahiga Homes offers the innovative “Buy Now, Jenga Polepole” concept for affordable housing units.

The “Buy Now, Jenga Polepole” concept proves to be an effective way of providing affordable housing to clients.

Building a home requires substantial cash flow, and it’s crucial to have enough funds to meet your budget. Mahiga Homes allows clients to build their houses in phases, avoiding potential deficits and postponement of deadlines.

The success of Mahiga Homes can be attributed to its flexible payment options and focus on delivering high-quality units that cater to clients’ unique needs.

The company’s growth is credited to the dedication and vision of its two directors, Patrick Waweru Muchoki and Joseph Ruhiu Thuo. They express their satisfaction with this achievement, acknowledging the housing needs of many Kenyans amidst the rising cost of living.

Patrick Waweru Muchoki and Joseph Ruhiu Thuo share the company’s belief in providing affordable housing without compromising on quality.

The “Buy Now, Jenga Polepole” concept ensures that the final cost of each unit remains within the clients’ invested amount, making it possible for many Kenyans to own high-quality homes without financial strain.

Mahiga Homes’ “Buy Now, Jenga Polepole” concept is a game-changer in Kenya’s real estate sector.

The company has set the bar high for other developers, making affordable housing accessible to many Kenyans without compromising on quality.

With their ongoing housing projects, Mahiga Homes remains dedicated to transforming the housing market in Kenya.


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