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Naivas Reaches Century Mark: 100 Stores and Counting in Kenya



Naivas has achieved a significant milestone by reaching triple digits in its store count, boasting an impressive total of 100 branches. This remarkable achievement marks a historic moment in Kenya’s retail landscape, as no other supermarket, whether local or international, has managed to attain this level of expansion and success.

The store that bears the honor of this accomplishment is Naivas Foodmarket King’ara Road in Lavington. Its presence in this neighborhood serves as a testament to Naivas’ status as a truly national brand, transcending its humble beginnings.

From its origins as a general store founded in the rural town of Rongai in Nakuru County, Naivas has evolved into the leading retailer in the nation. This transformation is a testament to a success story defined by unwavering commitment and resilience. Despite the challenges inherent in the retail sector, Naivas has consistently reached new heights and set unprecedented records with each passing year.

The number 100 holds a special significance for the company, forever etching itself into the annals of its history. As David Kimani, the Managing Director of Naivas, reflects, “As we set up the general store, it was not for any other reason but to take care of our basic needs, and never did I ever imagine that I would be here today talking about store number 100. It is truly an emotional moment for me. From just seeking to take care of my family to now having over 10,000 employees directly employed by the company is something I would never have dreamed of. As a Kenyan homegrown family business, we thank you for the trust you have placed in the brand, and we shall ensure that we continue to diligently serve Kenyans, as you are the reason for our being. My promise is, store number 100 is just the beginning as we now are focused on the next big step, hitting 200 stores.”

Although it may have taken 33 years, 2 months, and 12 days to reach this remarkable milestone, it underscores the fact that the founding family, the Mukuhas, laid a solid foundation for the business’s growth. This strong foundation has also attracted foreign investment, with a consortium led by IBL, which includes Proparco and DEG, playing a pivotal role in strengthening corporate governance and preparing the business for its next level of success.

Andreas Von Paleske, Naivas’ Chief of Strategy, noted, “As IBL, we are glad to have found a partner in Naivas, a homegrown Kenyan family business that has enabled us to expand into the Kenyan market. We assure Naivas of our unwavering support to see to it that it continues to expand and reach even greater heights. I want to wish Naivas a happy 100 branches celebration.”

This achievement marks just the beginning of Naivas’ journey beyond 100 branches, and the company is committed to extending its reach to every community in the country, one store at a time.

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