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Optiven CEO George Wachiuri: Overcoming Adversity and Empowering Communities

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George Wachiuri, CEO and founder of Optiven Real Estate, recently in  YouTube video shared his inspiring journey from humble beginnings to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

My name is George Wachiuri, and I am a family man with three children,” he said, adding that he is grateful for over the 20-year journey that has led to his current success.

Wachiuri recounted his challenging upbringing, being raised by a single mother in a dry part of Kenya where even getting food was difficult.

“Life was not easy because even getting food to eat was not easy,” he remembered. He shared that going to school was a struggle due to lack of fees, but by God’s grace, he managed to attend university.

In business, Wachiuri expressed his passion for real estate, describing it as a means to empower thousands of Kenyans to acquire homes.

Reflecting on the early challenges of his business career, Wachiuri admitted to failing 15 times before finding success. The breakthrough came in 2009, leading to the growth of Optiven, which now employs over 400 people.

He emphasized that Optiven’s success is not just about making money but about creating opportunities for others.

“Real estate is real; it’s about housing people across Africa,” he stated. Despite facing numerous failures and financial struggles in the first ten years, Optiven eventually found success, and today the company employs over 400 people and has won multiple awards.

Wachiuri also spoke about his faith journey, recalling how he joined a Christian union in university and committed his life to Jesus Christ. “It has been a journey of about 19 years, and I have no regrets,” he said, emphasizing the importance of trusting in God.

As an author, Wachiuri has written two books: “Soaring Like an Eagle,” which tells his life story, and “How to Start Small and Build an Empire,” a guide for entrepreneurs.

Wachiuri shared that one of his books, “Soaring Like an Eagle,” is a life story meant to inspire millions globally. The other book, “How to Start Small and Build an Empire,” is a guide for entrepreneurs on managing successful organizations.

He believes in giving back to society, dedicating five percent of Optiven’s revenue to philanthropic efforts through the Optiven Foundation.

The foundation supports HIV cases, builds homes for the elderly, offers scholarships to orphans, and provides mobility aids to the differently-abled.

Wachiuri is also committed to mentoring young people, with a personal vision of creating over one million millionaires.

He offers personal mentorship, hosts business clinics, and runs “The George Wachiuri Show” on YouTube to inspire and guide the next generation.

“My legacy is to see a totally changed, transformed generation of young people,” he said.

His story is a testament to resilience, faith, and the power of giving back. Through his leadership at Optiven, he continues to inspire and uplift communities, proving that with perseverance and a commitment to helping others, extraordinary success is achievable.

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