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Optiven CEO Wachiuri’s Visionary Leadership Shines at the Global Leadership Summit

Optiven CEO Wachiuri's Visionary Leadership Shines at the Global Leadership Summit
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George Wachiuri, the Chief Executive and Founder of Optiven, delivered a powerful message of inspiration and empowerment at the recently concluded Global Leadership Summit 2023 held in Nairobi.

During his address to the media, Wachiuri expressed his excitement at the opportunity to influence delegates at this esteemed summit. He underscored the event’s significance and the inherent leadership potential residing within each individual.

“I am honored to have shared insights on leadership at the Global Leadership Summit 2023 in Nairobi. It was a great privilege to discuss transformative leadership and the pathways to becoming forward-thinking leaders,” stated Wachiuri, emphasizing the vital need to effectively lead from one’s current position.

Beyond his position as a business leader, George Wachiuri is also a committed mentor and the visionary behind the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship.

The institution’s primary goal is to empower entrepreneurs, startups, and MSMEs for exponential growth, stability, job creation, and the successful completion of a carefully structured 6-month mentorship program.

Wachiuri highlighted that the mentorship program covers 12 essential topics, providing mentees with direct interaction with himself and insights into Optiven’s business processes.

Upon completion of the program, mentees are equipped with the skills necessary to drive their businesses forward, make a positive societal impact through job creation, contribute to the economy via tax payments, and add overall value.

The most recent cohort, known as Cohort 4, celebrated their graduation at GMC Place Kitengela. George Wachiuri emphasized the program’s meticulous design, aiming not only to advance careers but also to foster the growth of startups, transforming them into prosperous and thriving enterprises.

“This mentorship equips participants with the essential skills to effectively manage and profit within the business industry,” he stressed.

Wachiuri passionately encouraged individuals to register for and actively engage in this invaluable mentorship opportunity, highlighting its potential to elevate businesses, stimulate economic growth, create employment opportunities, and substantially contribute to the nation’s tax revenue.

In addition to advocating for individual engagement in mentorship, George Wachiuri issued a challenge to fellow CEOs, urging them to consider establishing mentorship programs aimed at guiding employees and entrepreneurs.

Mr. Wachiuri revealed that the George Wachiuri School of Mentorship has successfully conducted four mentorship programs, with previous cohorts achieving remarkable success.

He outlined his aspirations for Kenya, aiming to transition approximately 1.7 million informal businesses to formal status. This transformation is envisioned to facilitate growth, contribute to the nation’s development, and create job opportunities.

Contact Information:

– Optiven Website: www.optiven.co.ke
– Call or WhatsApp: 0790 300300 / 0723 400500

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