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Peniel Gardens Diani: Your Dream Property Awaits with Mimshack Homes



Peniel Gardens Diani, a captivating property development by Mimshack Homes, has caught the attention of property investors seeking a slice of paradise.

Offering a host of attractive features and an upcoming site visit scheduled for June 17th, 2022, this opportunity has ignited excitement among prospective buyers.

Situated in the breathtaking location of Diani, known for its pristine beaches and natural beauty, Peniel Gardens Diani has emerged as an enticing investment prospect. The development encompasses a range of impressive features that make it a sought-after choice for discerning investors.

With its upcoming site visit, Mimshack Homes is extending an invitation for interested parties to experience firsthand the immense potential and allure of Peniel Gardens Diani. This site visit offers a unique opportunity to explore the property, visualize its possibilities, and make an informed investment decision.

The stunning Peniel Gardens Diani boasts a selection of spacious 50*100 plots available at an incredibly attractive price of only 800k. These plots present an exceptional chance to own a piece of coastal paradise at a highly competitive rate.

Mimshack Homes has gone to great lengths to ensure that Peniel Gardens Diani offers a secure and serene living environment. The property is meticulously fenced with concrete poles and barbed wire, prioritizing the privacy and safety of residents.

As visitors enter through the beautiful gate, they are greeted with a sense of grandeur that sets the stage for the exceptional lifestyle that Peniel Gardens Diani promises to deliver.

A reliable water supply is a crucial consideration for any property, and Peniel Gardens Diani addresses this with utmost care. Residents will benefit from uninterrupted access to water, catering to their daily needs and enhancing their living experience.

Furthermore, ongoing fence planting at Peniel Gardens Diani creates a lush and vibrant ambiance, allowing homeowners to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty. The development’s commitment to maintaining a captivating environment contributes to the overall charm and desirability of the property.

The convenient murram road that connects Peniel Gardens Diani ensures easy accessibility and seamless transportation for residents. Essential amenities, local attractions, and the stunning Diani Beach are within close proximity, adding further value to this prime location.

With only a limited number of plots remaining, prospective investors are urged to seize this exceptional opportunity without delay. Mimshack Homes anticipates a high level of interest in Peniel Gardens Diani and advises interested parties to take advantage of the upcoming site visit to witness the property’s splendor firsthand.

To inquire or secure a plot in Peniel Gardens Diani, interested individuals are encouraged to reach out to Mimshack Homes through the following contact details:

  • Office Line: 0759 100 100
  • Fiona: 0700 102 989

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