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Safaricom Investment Co-operative shareholders have approved a KES 176.9 million dividend payout at the 14th Annual General Meeting. This translates to 7% per share dividend up from 4.69% per share paid in 2021.

This pay-out comes after the Society posted a KES 542.9 million gross profit, compared to KES 396.3 million posted in 2021. The growth in profit is attributed to an increase in land revenue that grew by 92% to KES 1.8 billion up from KES 949.8 million and housing revenue that grew by 15% to KES 86.7 million up from KES 75.3 million realized in 2021.

“Our financial performance has improved across all metrics, and this would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of the team. We continue to implement innovative solutions that have cemented our performance through adverse economic times and those that focus on driving value to our investors,” said Safaricom Investment Co-operative Chairman Peter Gichangi during the AGM.

Safaricom Investment Co-operative Chairman Peter Gichangi (L), CEO Sarah Wahogo and Board member Edward Njoroge share a light moment during the Society’s  14th Annual General Meeting where the shareholders approved a KES176.9 million dividend payout.

Total assets for the year grew to KES 5.7 billion up from KES 5.2 billion reported in 2021. This was attributed to the growth in trade receivables, cash and bank balances and current assets held for sale. Consequently, total expenses for the year grew by 19% to KES 238.5 million up from KES 200.4 million. This jump in expenses was driven by the administration and personnel costs of the organization.

“Our goal at SIC is to create a model investment co-operative. To achieve this, we have started the process of automating our systems and adopting new technology to help us optimize operations and capitalize on market opportunities. We have also onboarded new staff members to increase capabilities in the organization and to streamline our skill set so that we can achieve better results,” said Safaricom Investment Co-operative CEO Sarah Wahogo.

The sale of land continues to be the main revenue driver for the Society, accounting for 92% of the overall revenues.

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