Standard Chartered donates Ksh1.25bn for COVID-19 relief efforts

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya CEO Kariuki Ngari

Standard Chartered has announced donations totalling Ksh1.25 billion to the Red Cross, UNICEF and local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and Government Partners providing emergency relief in countries across Africa and the Middle East impacted by COVID-19.

The donations will contribute to programmes providing urgent medical support and the protection and education of vulnerable children, as well as other efforts to ensure the health, safety and protection of communities across Africa and the Middle East.

To ensure donations are allocated on the ground where they can provide rapid and targeted impact, Standard Chartered has pledged Ksh378 million of funding to the Red Cross for urgent medical support in nine markets across Africa. Funding will support activities such as the provision of primary and secondary health care, communication of protection measures, provision of personal protection equipment (PPE) for Red Cross staff and the distribution of food, care and education packages for those impacted by COVID-19.

The lender has also pledged a further Ksh346 million of funding to UNICEF for the immediate protection and education of vulnerable children in Pakistan and across eight markets in Africa. Funding will support activities such as the provision of remote education via TV, radio, online and mobile platforms, and child protection measures including alternative care arrangements and family tracing services for children separated from their families due to COVID-19; training for social workers to conduct home visits to vulnerable children for mental health support, and alternative care and protection services for children of parents or caregivers affected by COVID-19. The donations are part of Standard Chartered’s USD10 million pledge to Red Cross and UNICEF to support COVID-19 emergency relief activities across its markets in Asia and Africa.