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Tiktok Intensifies Trainings in Kenya



Over 116,000 Kenyans have benefitted from an ongoing digital safety training on the social platform TikTok.

The training under Safer Together tagline were officially launched in October 2023 with the goal of creating a safe and empowering space on the app for Kenya’s youth.

Since then, these workshops have seen significant participation, with 116,355 attendees including students, parents, and educators across 21 counties in Kenya.

The workshops offer both in-person and virtual learning experiences and have been particularly impactful during events like Safer Internet Month in February 2024.

The campaign has successfully engaged 116,355 participants, including learners, parents, and educators across 21 of Kenya’s 47 counties.

The workshops, which offer in-person and virtual learning experiences, have been pivotal, especially during Safer Internet Month in February 2024. In February alone, 56,020 learners benefited from a unique blend of hybrid sessions and the “Train the Trainer” model. This approach not only educates but also equips individuals to further disseminate valuable digital safety knowledge within their communities.

Fortune Mgwili-Sibanda, TikTok’s Director of Government and Public Policy for Sub-Saharan Africa, shares the vision for the future: “At TikTok, we believe that safety is a collaborative effort and we are encouraged by the numbers that we have achieved; reaching not only young people but parents, teachers and guardians. Our commitment to safety in Kenya extends beyond current achievements. From April to September 2024, we aim to cover the remaining 26 counties, ensuring nationwide access to essential digital safety education. We have done extensive work and will continue to do more to ensure that our community enjoys a safe app experience.”

Evelyn Kasina, Eveminet CEO emphasises the initiative’s broader impact: “Our goal is to cultivate a digital ecosystem rooted in trust, joy, and creativity for the TikTok community. By empowering families and key stakeholders, we’re not just enhancing digital capabilities but securing a nurturing online space for our youth and young adults. We’re expanding our reach and reinforcing our dedication to Kenya’s youth through partnerships with key organisations like the Kenya Scouts Association, the Kenya Association of International Schools, and Riara University.”

True to its mission to bring various stakeholders on board to create a safer platform through the #SaferTogether campaign, TikTok has prioritised young people’s voices and have incorporated youth perspectives directly into its safety strategies, by forming its official Global Youth Council. This effort aligns with its global research, underscoring the need for greater collaboration between online platforms and younger users. The Council, which comprises 15 teens from diverse countries, includes two (2) young people from Kenya, and aims to ensure that young voices are integral to TikTok’s decision-making processes. The group first met in December 2023 and recently completed their second meeting, which was attended by TikTok CEO, Shou Chew.

The Youth Council has set out its priorities for 2024, which include a focus on teen well-being and inclusion to help ensure TikTok continues to be a safe and accessible space for young people to show up as who they are. In February’s meeting, the teens also, Provided input into TikTok’s Youth Portal, which is currently being redesigned and requested information about reporting and blocking to better understand what happens after a report is made.

The selection of the Youth Council, facilitated by Praesidio Safeguarding and supported by an array of global experts and local partners such as Kenya’s Mtoto News, reflects TikTok’s commitment to inclusivity and community involvement.

“In a world where digital landscapes form the cornerstone of our children and youth’s realities, it’s imperative that their voices not only echo in the corridors of development but also shape the very fabric of this digital era. This initiative is a powerful affirmation of TikTok’s dedication to amplifying the voices of the young, particularly highlighting our commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. It’s a bold step forward in rectifying the historical oversight of African children in the digital design process, ensuring they are not just participants but key contributors. Among the council members is a young visionary from a traditionally marginalised area, emblematically underscoring our pledge to bring every child’s voice to the forefront of our decision-making. This is not just about representation; it’s about revolutionising how we engage with digital futures through the lens of those who will inherit it.”, states Jennifer Kaberi, CEO of Mtoto News.

By prioritising the safety and well-being of its vast user community, TikTok is leading by example in creating a secure and vibrant online space. Through initiatives like the #SaferTogether workshops and the Youth Council, TikTok is forging a path towards a more inclusive, safe, and creative digital future for the youth of Kenya and beyond.

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