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Top Artists to Market Members of the Association of Real Estates Stakeholders in a New Partnership



The Association of Real Estate Stakeholders has received a significant boost as several popular artists have pledged their support and willingness to collaborate with the organization.

These artists, known for their successful hits, have applauded the establishment of the association, recognizing its crucial role in restoring confidence within an industry that has been plagued by negative stories and experiences.

Additionally, the artists have sent a strong message to all real estate companies, stating that they will exclusively work with companies registered with the Association of Real Estate Stakeholders. In a joint statement, they expressed their decision to support the association after careful deliberations and consultations. They emphasized that working with registered companies affiliated with the association is essential to maintain the integrity of their own brands. They firmly stated their refusal to collaborate with any entity outside of the association in the future.

The artists also highlighted the association’s role in providing them with a platform to address and launch complaints whenever necessary. They acknowledged that in the past, they have faced blame for associations with unethical individuals or companies. However, they expressed their satisfaction with the establishment of the association, as it enables them to work with peace of mind, knowing that they are promoting transparency and integrity within the industry.

In parallel, the Chairman of the Association of Real Estate Stakeholders, Kinyua Wairatu, has embarked on an ambitious campaign to weed out fraudsters hiding within the real estate sector. He believes that the time is ripe for every Kenyan to own a home without the fear of losing their hard-earned money. Kinyua strongly encouraged Kenyans to invest only in companies registered with the Association of Real Estate Stakeholders, ensuring the safety of their investments.

The association is scheduled to launch its office on the upcoming Monday, symbolizing its commitment to providing a central hub for addressing industry concerns and fostering trust among stakeholders within the real estate sector.

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