WhiteCap Lager unveils a new premium pack

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Kenya Breweries has unveiled a new pack design for its WhiteCap Lager brand. The new WhiteCap Lager pack includes a redesigned logo adapted from its original, historic form, which proudly highlights its 70-year heritage.

As one of the most storied brands in the Kenya Breweries portfolio, it was felt that the time was right to elevate the livery of the WhiteCap. The new pack also represents a reinforcement of KBL’s strategy of positioning WhiteCap Lager as the leading local premium beer, as well as keeping up with the evolving needs of its customer base.

Speaking about the significance of this rebrand, EABL’s Head of Marketing Beer, AnnJoy Muhoro said, “This exercise is the product of a lot of research and numerous conversations with our consumers. Premium brands all across the globe are evolving, as far as positioning is concerned. Packaging is and continues to be a major trailblazer in terms of brand perception and value creation to consumers. This is what we sought to achieve with our repackaging of WhiteCap Lager.”

WhiteCap Lager which already offers high quality distinctive taste, is now available in a sleek new glass bottle and will continue to retail at the same price of KES. 170 for the 500ml bottle.

KBL reported that the initial consumer feedback on the new pack was very positive. “The groups that we spoke to all gave us a unified response; that the time was right for WhiteCap Lager as a premium brand to shake things up and break new ground for premium beer in Kenya,” Ms Muhoro added.

This repackaging will also serve as a welcome refresh to provide some excitement for longtime consumers of WhiteCap Lager as well as provide a unique opportunity for a new generation of beer drinkers.

In addition to the new design, there are structural changes to the packaging of the WhiteCap bottle which consumers will notice right away. The can format will also undergo a transformation later in the year into a new premium, more progressive look. Customers have an exciting new visual identity for the canned WhiteCap lager to look forward to.

Commenting on the new pack, Alice Owambo, Emerging Beers Marketing Manager, said, “Design is absolutely integral for any brand and as a beer with 70 years of heritage, we do not take redesigns lightly. We are incredibly proud of the new direction the brand aesthetic is taking, highlighting our Kenyan heritage but also modernising WhiteCap to lead consumers’ expectations of a premium brand. We’re confident this refreshed design will stand out on shelves and highlight the qualities of WhiteCap, which make us one of Kenya’s favourite alcohol brands.”

WhiteCap Lager is one of Kenya’s oldest beer brands with a heritage spanning more than 70 years. The refresh of a beer brand of WhiteCap’s pedigree is not only a significant milestone, but also a show of intent for the future.


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