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Why Banda Homes is still the preferred choice for home owners in Kenya



Kenyan’s in large number are seeking housing far from the hustle and bustle of a stress filled city life, inflated rents, and endless traffic. Those seeking homes to live in that can give them a sense of dignity, affordability and rest quickly find out that this is more achievable further from the heart of the Capital City, Nairobi.

According to a World Bank statistic, 91 percent of those living in Nairobi pay rent, with analysts mentioning that roughly 75 percent of apartment buyers only buy the property for resale in order to make quick profit. This suggested profit, however, has not been as fruitful as first projected. According to reports, less than 10 percent of houses are bought for the purpose of living in them. The average Kenyan has clearly been left blue from being unable to buy their dream home in the green city in the sun.

Consequently, Banda Homes jumped ahead of the queue in the property market to offer affordable housing. The developments offered are in satellite towns such as Waiyaki way (Kikuyu), Kiambu road (Thindigua), and Kenyatta Road (exit 14 from Thika superhighway). Banda Homes have availed possibilities for Kenyans to finally own their own home through the affordable housing model. Their properties ensure access to amenities such as malls, schools and hospitals, allowing home owners to enjoy more scenic, conducive, and less congested areas.

Since 2018, Banda Homes mid plan model, an improvement on the traditional off plan model, has seen them work closely with buyers to tailor make their interiors and add specifications suitable for family. “We build spacious houses for people to live in comfort. We want to set benchmarks for what good living is,’ CEO Fabian Nzivo declares. Banda Homes also offers a flexible payment plan, and a tantalizing prospect of a resale value of up-to 40% in the mortgage market. Their houses, built on a 50 by 100 (sq ft) plot, the largest space in the stand-alone affordable housing market, gives their 13 different estates a sizable lead in comfort, affordability and function.

These tremendous strides have not been void of doubts and challenges, Nzivo admits, boldly tackling past accusations of fraud via social media due to handover delays. These doubts were however dispelled with more and more people finally receiving their homes. Like many other developers, the challenges to deliver housing have been diverse and numerous, threatening to erode confidence in the market. However, with the delivery of 77 homes in Oak Ridge off Thika Road, 28 homes in Ridges 2 Estate last November and close to 2000 homes delivered so far, Banda Homes has quickly quelled any sign of customer anxiety.

As a way of transparency and accountability, Banda carries out site visits and open days every Saturday for any prospective buyer, promising a time of partying and great family fun.

“Based on the history of delivery and friends who shared about Banda, I did not hesitate to buy a house here.” one excited new home owner shared.

Banda CEO, Fabian Nzivo, wrapped up one of the recent successful handovers saying “to everyone who placed their trust in us, were it not for you, none of what you see here would exist.”

After 13 different estates and almost 2000 families catered to, 2020 opens up another exciting chapter for Banda Homes in the affordable housing market. The real estate developer is currently finalizing on handing over 800 new homes to its growing list of customers.

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