Azziad Nasenya, Dorea Chege and pascal Tokodi to grace Star-Studded Pink Ladies’ meet and greet event

Azziad Nasenya, Dorea Chege and pascal Tokodi to grace Star-Studded Pink Ladies’ meet and greet event
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Renowned casts from the recently launched Pink Ladies drama series are poised to captivate fans at an eagerly awaited meet and greet session this Friday at Prestige Plaza, Cinemax movie theatre along Ngong Road.

The series, headlined by Shix Kapienga as Trizah, Azziad Nasenya (Cecilia), Dorea Chege (Anne), Brenda Gesare (Stephanie), and Pascal Tokodi (Charlie), airs daily on StarTimes’ Rembo television.

The storyline follows the lives of four unmarried women navigating the intricacies of life, friendship, career, and finances.

As expected, the plot weaves in elements of jealousy, petty quarrels, and selfishness, providing viewers with a compelling portrayal of the challenges these characters face together.

Dorea Chege, the series’ main character, shared with the writer that the upcoming meet and greet session at Prestige Plaza, Cinemax movie theatre on Friday, starting from 5 pm, will be free of charge.

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She underscored that the event offers an excellent opportunity for the cast to relax and share moments with their dedicated fans while enjoying several episodes of the drama series.

“The meet and greet session on Friday evening will be a chance to connect with our fans, and it’s also a way of promoting the arts industry in the country,” she stated.

Pascal Tokodi, a talented cast member, echoed Dorea’s sentiments, expressing that the event promises to be unique, with the attendance of top celebrities from around the country.

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He encouraged Kenyans to attend, emphasizing the importance of embracing theater moments as a means of supporting the film industry.

“Kindly join me and other top celebrities to interact and get to know each other better as we discuss the state of our film industry,” he urged.

Mike Mwai, the Head of Public Relations at StarTimes, highlighted the significance of organizing such meet and greet events.

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He emphasized that they play a critical role in allowing Kenyans to interact and understand the film industry while promoting cultural exchange.

“We are committed to promoting local content by giving actors and actresses the platform to interact and showcase their skills to the world. More of these events will follow, bridging the gap between the cast and the audience, ensuring that local content in our programs is well understood and appreciated,” Mwai said.


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