Governor Sakaja repossesses grabbed kwa Ndege Playground

Kwa Ndege playground in Embakasi which had been grabbed by private developers has been repossessed by Nairobi County Government.

Speaking during the levelling of the ground after it was repossessed, Embakasi Ward admin Elizabeth Kavula said Governor Sakaja had really worked hard to ensure the County gets back the land.

She also thanked the leaders including the area MCA, MP who have been on the frontline to ensure grabbed public utilities are got back to the county.

“We thank Governor Sakaja who has ensured the playground of our youths is got back. We also appreciate the efforts by our area MCA Nyatika and area MP Babu Owino who have been at the frontline in ensuring grabbed public land is restored back to the County,” she said.

The residents had accused the developer for using orthodox means to acquire the said public land.

According to Haggai Muruka the developer moved in forcefully and siezed it.

“It has been a push and pull but finally the community can now have back their land we must thank the County Government of Nairobi for reclaiming these ground.It is the only utility we have around the rest have been so far grabbed.” Hagai said.

Meanwhile, Governor Johnson Sakaja has warned land grabbers in the city that his government will not entertain them.

He said he will protect and fight land cartels tooth and nail.

“We have no time for land grabbers. On Thursday I demolished a two-storey house that was being built on grabbed land and ironically by an MCA,” he said.

The MCA was building his office when the said land was supposed to have a hospital,” he said.