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Thuo Mathenge’s Insights on the Future of Mt Kenya Politics and TND Party



Billionaire Thuo Mathenge’s Vision for Mt Kenya on Unity, Growth, and 2027 Prospects

Question and Answer interview with TND Party leader Thuo Mathenge

 Question:  Mr. Mathenge, How do you envision the nature of the Mount Kenya region in terms of unity, growth, and prospects leading up to the 2027 general election?

 Answer: The Mount Kenya region is incredibly diverse and rich in potential. However, to harness this potential fully, we need unity. Unity is not just a word; it’s a commitment to transcending political differences and working together for the common good. Our focus is on fostering a united front that ensures growth and prosperity for everyone in the region.

Question:  You’ve mentioned unity as a central theme. Could you elaborate on your plans to unite the region and bring together leaders from various political backgrounds?

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Answer:  Absolutely. Unity is a cornerstone of our vision for the Mount Kenya region. We understand that diversity is our strength, and to capitalize on that, we must unite leaders from different political spectrums. I’m in the process of convening meetings with leaders across the region, irrespective of their party affiliations. The idea is to create a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and a shared vision for the future of Mount Kenya.

Question:  Recently, you gathered over 10,000 youths in the Mount Kenya region in a place known as Kimorori, Murang’a County. Can you tell us about the purpose of this assembly and the message you conveyed to the youth?

Answer: The youth are the backbone of our society, and their involvement is crucial for the region’s progress. I assembled the youth to emphasize the importance of peace and unity. We urged them to be ambassadors of peace, to spread a message of togetherness rather than division. The youth have immense potential to shape the future, and we want them to channel their energy positively for the greater good of Mount Kenya.

Questions:  Looking ahead to the 2027 general election, what are your expectations for the New Democrats party in terms of representation and impact on the national stage?

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Answer: Our expectations are ambitious, but we believe in the potential of the New Democrats party to make a significant impact. We are optimistic about securing over 100 seats across the country. Our focus extends beyond regional influence; we aim to contribute to national conversations and policies that drive growth and prosperity for all Kenyans.

Question: Mount Kenya youths have sometimes been associated with the term “Mungiki,” an illegal group. How do you plan to address this issue and change the perception of the youth in the region?

Answer: The association of our youth with such negative terms is unfair and unfounded. We need to create opportunities for the youth, empower them, and provide avenues for positive engagement. The narrative needs to shift from stereotypes to recognizing the immense potential and talent within our youth. Through education, employment opportunities, and mentorship programs, we can change the perception and uplift the youth of Mount Kenya.

Question: you mentioned the importance of respecting leaders, specifically referring to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. Can you elaborate on why you believe respecting him is crucial for the region?

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Answer: Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is a respected leader in our region, and he deserves the utmost respect. Unity is built on respect for each other’s contributions and perspectives. Deputy President Gachagua plays a pivotal role in the leadership of Mount Kenya, and respecting his position is essential for fostering collaboration and achieving our common goals. I believe that by working together and respecting our leaders, we can create a stronger and more united Mount Kenya.

Question: In closing, what final message would you like to convey to the people of Mount Kenya and the nation as a whole?

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Answer: My message is one of hope and unity. Together, we can build a future that is inclusive, prosperous, and harmonious. Let’s embrace our diversity as strength, working towards a Mount Kenya that sets an example for the entire nation. The journey ahead may have challenges, but with unity, growth, and a shared vision, we can overcome them and create a better tomorrow for everyone.

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