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Unveiling Gastronomic Excellence: Discover Radisson Blu Upper Hill Nairobi’s Festive Menu Tasting Event



Radisson Blu Upper Hill Nairobi, known for its commitment to culinary excellence, recently unveiled a delectable menu that is exclusive to the festive season. Guests and media went through an exclusive 7-course tasting event that left them in awe. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary, offering an array of flavors that ignited the senses and brought innovation to the forefront of fine dining.

The festive menu, curated to perfection by the skilled culinary team led by the Executive Chef, Wayne Walkinshaw, is a symphony of tastes and textures, offering a tantalizing journey through a spectrum of dishes. The menu that is available for dine-in guests offers an intimate setting for clients to savor the richness & carefully crafted menu that is paired by a fine selection of wines.

Let’s delve into the epicurean adventure that was this unforgettable menu tasting:


Starting the evening off was a tantalizing Roasted Butternut Risotto, a harmonious blend of flavors featuring artichoke, feta, sautéed mushrooms, and toasted pumpkin seeds, elegantly brought together by a luscious mushroom jus and brown butter. A truly magical introduction.

Crab Involtini

Next up was the Crab Involtini, an artful dish where Mombassa crab and beef carpaccio melded seamlessly with tapioca cracker, green mango liquid gel, avocado, soy pearls, and delicate pea tendrils. Each bite was a taste of the coastal breeze and a testament to the culinary artistry on display.


The Octopus Carpaccio followed, offering a striking contrast of textures and flavors. Char-grilled tentacle and roasted red pepper puree were complemented by caper oil, microgreens, mustard potatoes, and black garlic, making for a vibrant and visually stunning plate.


A surprising delight came in the form of Skilpadjies, featuring lamb liver wrapped in caul fat, served with toasted brioche and accompanied by tomato jam, charred leek puree, and a sumptuous oxtail jus. The juxtaposition of rich and earthy flavors was a revelation for the palate.


The Chicken course continued to captivate the senses with confit thigh-stuffed breast, served alongside a coconut-flavored cassava “briquette,” tarragon gravy, confit onion, and wild mushrooms. This dish showcased a perfect blend of comfort and innovation.

Rib Eye (Wet and Dry Aged)

A showstopper of the evening was the Rib Eye, prepared both wet and dry-aged and lavished with Bordelaise sauce, black garlic, pearl onion, and a velvety potato puree. The steak melted in the mouth, a true testament to the chef’s mastery.

Matcha Tea Cheesecake

To conclude this epicurean journey, guests were treated to a sweet symphony with Matcha Tea Cheesecake, garnished with candied berries and passion fruit liquid gel. A perfect ending to a memorable dining experience.

The menu tasting was an invitation-only event, attended by discerning food enthusiasts and members of the media, who were unanimous in their praise for the innovative and bold flavors presented by Radisson Blu Upper Hill Nairobi. This extraordinary dining experience showcased the hotel’s dedication to elevating the culinary scene in Nairobi, setting a new standard for exquisite dining.

With its unwavering commitment to culinary excellence, Radisson Blu Upper Hill Nairobi continues to be a culinary destination in Nairobi for those seeking unparalleled dining experiences.

For those who appreciate the art of food and dining, Radisson Blu Upper Hill Nairobi’s festive menu is an invitation to savor the extraordinary. Book your table today and indulge in the culinary marvels that await you, from 6pm every Monday to Saturday.

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