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We Don’t Have Time. Global Climate Change Solution Network calls for urgent climate change Action



By :Anne Nyambura 

Global organization “We Don’t Have Time” which was founded by Ingmar Rentzhog and his Co- Founder David Ollisson in 2016 in Sweden, is the largest climate change solution network with an aim of saving future after realizing how the future of their generations and that of others will be affected  a couple of year later.

The organization plays a vital role by giving climate reviews to businesses, politicians and world leaders, praising solutions and action while calling out those who lag in the green transition.

The organization effort of planting over 2 million shade trees, removing 500k tones of metric carbon in 20 years is a testament to showcase commitment in climate change action 

Following heavy rains  the world have witnessed affecting and causing deaths, destructions of property and infrastructure in several countries, We don’t have time Africa/ Kenya Chapter have called for urgent climate change action. 

The devastating floods which wreaked havoc in Kenya and killed over 280 people, is a disaster contributed  by climate crisis. 

Speaking at ‘We Don’t Have Time Africa/Kenya Chapter head office in Thika, It’s  Regional Representative Patrick Kiarie said climate crisis is a disaster that all global governments should foster a robust collaboration and enhance sustainability.

“We are facing  critical conditions caused by global warming which is driven by our actions. Climate change is real, it’s now the right time everybody should wake up and realize our future is destroyed. It’s our role to protect nature, we are the cause and main contributors of climate crisis”. he implored

Moreover  Fossil fuels ; coal, oil and gas ,are the largest contributor to global climate change, accounting for over 75 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 90 per cent of all carbon dioxide emissions.

According to research done by We Don’t Have Time, fossil fuels when burnt they releases large amount of carbon dioxide , a green gas emissions into the air , trap heat in atmosphere hence causing global warming and climate change.

Greenhouse gas emissions blanket the earth and trap sun heat. The world is warming faster than at any point in recorded history. Warmer temperatures over time are changing, seasons and disrupting the usual balance of nature.

Additionally electricity and heat production are the largest contributors to global emissions. This is followed by transport, manufacturing, construction (largely cement and similar materials), and agriculture. But this is not the same everywhere.

In Kenya emerging cases of respiratory diseases caused by gas emissions from industries continue to surge.

Burning gases emissions creates climate change and releases pollutants that lead to early death, heart attacks, respiratory disorders, stroke, asthma, and absenteeism at school and work. It has also been linked to autism spectrum disorder and Alzheimer’s disease.

“People living near industries are at high risk of suffering respiratory disorders, industries are releasing gases at night when people are at sleep. We are calling on national and county governments to take serious measures to those offenders who are threat to our lives.  Serious impacts of climate change  will be severe after many years to come if we won’t take action now” said Wanjiku Kiruri one of We Don’t have Time team member Kenya Chapter

The government agenda of planting 15 billion trees by year 2032 and use of clean energy is a milestone country will achieve in climate change mitigation 

“We are delighted to support President William Ruto call on climate change mitigation. We urge people to remain vigilant by ensuring our environment is safe, don’t watch people destroying our tomorrow, take action now” Kiarie added

We Don’t Have Time works on three pillars of reviews: Climate love, Climate idea, and Climate Warning.

Climate love reviews get to appreciate organizations, individuals, and governments doing things that are friendly to the environment; an organization that manufactures EVs is an example of an organization that deserves climate love reviews as it encourages the reduction of carbon emissions in the environment.

Climate idea reviews suggest to organizations or even governments a new way fostering a more sustainable environment if  implemented.

The African office is looking forward to hosting (UNFCCC COP 29) which will convene  from 11 to 22nd November this year in Baku, Azerbaijan and many other future global climate-based events.

Climate warning urges organizations or governments doing things that impact the environment in a negative way to stop and embrace other sustainable practices.

The Climate crisis is real, and the only way we can remedy this is by joining hands and walking together in offering solutions.

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