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Art Café and PAMBA Introduce Monthly Exercise Classes for Mental Wellness Promotion



Art Café, in a partnership with PAMBA, a wisdom and wellness platform founded by celebrated TV host Tamima has organised a series of Monthly exercise to promote mental wellness.

Tamima, known for her successful TV talk show Real Talk with Tamima, has created PAMBA as a physical space that goes beyond traditional media platforms.

 PAMBA offers individuals the opportunity to learn from experts and connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals. The platform is designed to help transform lives positively, encompassing physical, mental, and social well-being

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The first event dubbed “Girl, Fix Your Crown” is set to kick off on Wednesday, July 21st, at Art Café Upperhill, located in Britam Towers.

Speaking about PAMBA’s vision, Tamima emphasized the importance of providing a safe and nurturing environment where people can learn and grow. She stated, “PAMBA is a purpose in action. It not only teaches, but also provides tools for problem-solving, mental wealth, healing, better connection, and flow in the journey called life.”

 She noted that the monthly event specifically aims to empower women by teaching principles that promote self-worth, confidence, purpose identification, and healing from past relationships noting that attendees will have the opportunity to participate in engaging Q&A sessions and meaningful discussions.

 “PAMBA is built on three pillars of coaching and support. The first pillar, “Under Construction,” encourages individuals to engage in self-work to realize their highest potential. The second pillar, “Love Sanctuary,” focuses on healing and nurturing relationships. The third pillar, “Master Your Money,” teaches principles of wealth building,” she said.

 Additionally, the platform provides a membership opportunity that includes access to exclusive learning resources, community events, one-on-one coaching from experienced life coaching practitioners and healers, who offer valuable advice and support.

The collaboration between Art Café and PAMBA comes at a crucial time, as mental health remains a pressing issue in Kenya. According to a World Health Organization report, Kenya ranks fifth among African countries with the highest number of depression cases.

Mental health experts estimate that one in every four Kenyans may be suffering from a mental health-related issue, varying from mild to severe disorders.

The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, rather than just the absence of disease.

 Successful mental performance contributes to productivity, fulfilling relationships, improved physical health, and the ability to cope with life’s normal stresses, ultimately leading to an improved quality of life with strong social relations.

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