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Fancy an AI Kitchen that Does Everything for You? Get Yourself LG Signature Kitchen Suite

There are smart homes, and then there is a smart kitchen. Having devices like doorbells, security systems, air conditioners, and the TV run might be exciting, but nothing gives you the thrill like having LG’s Signature Kitchen Suite.

We all love eating, delicious food for that matter, and therefore we spend most of our time in the kitchen. On the negative side, sometimes we feel lazy and can’t quite lift a finger. These are the moments you wish you had an assistant in the kitchen. Guess what, you do, and that companion is LG’s ThinQ AI, which brings your kitchen to life.

How many times have you woken up and wanted to cook a meal or make a salad only to realize that your fridge is empty? Or even worse, have you ever left the house in a hurry before the visitors came over to purchase some groceries only to realize that you have no clue what to buy? It is quite daunting, isn’t it?

Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence, AI, has got our backs, and today, it is LG’s Signature Kitchen Suite. Thanks to LG, now you will constantly receive notification about the contents of your food supply in the fridge, what you need to buy, and the kind of recipe you can choose for your merriment.

With quite a range of appliances that are enabled with ThinQ AI, LG’s Signature Kitchen Suite offers myriad ways of making your time in the kitchen easier. The whole suite helps you do the daily tasks giving you more time to do other things that you enjoy.

The LG InstaView ThinQ fridge is, without a doubt, a revolutionary kitchen appliance that is worth not passing up. This AI-powered refrigerator integrates amazing features that make your shopping and cooking needs feel like a walk in the park.

By integrating Amazon’s Alexa, the intelligent LG InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator takes note of everything it holds to assist you throughout your time in the kitchen. The fridge comes with interior cameras that you can simply synchronize with the control of your LG smart home to keep track of how your supplies are dwindling.

This way, you never have to guess what you still have and what is no longer in your shelves. You can access this information remotely and from virtually anywhere.

Interestingly, with a tap on the LCD touchscreen door, you can see what is inside the fridge. If this innovation doesn’t make you feel like you have another chef at home, nothing else will.

The built-in Amazon Alexa virtual assistant makes the fridge even more life-like. It gives you the recipe instructions and it even dictates the instructions to you as you prepare the meal! Moreover, it has other functions like making a shopping list, notifying you when you are low on groceries and when they are about to expire as well as entertaining you with music as you cook.

Pair the InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator with a smart oven, and your kitchen experience gets even better. The two can work seamlessly together while you sit back and await your meal. For example, the InstaView ThinQ fridge can send recipes to the ThinQ-enabled LG ProBake Convection oven, which then preheats a meal for you.

Additionally, the LG ProBake Convection oven connects to cooking such as Innit and Sidechef, which provide the best guides and how-to videos for preparing a specific meal. You can utilize this feature for various meal preparations, and you will never have to worry about cooking again! All you can do is sit back, relax, and monitor the status of your broth from the balcony or your jacuzzi.

To complete the kitchen suite, smart dishwashers like the LG AI-enabled QuadWash make cleaning dishes less of a chore. With a voice command, you can get the dishwasher started and monitor the progress through SmartThinQ app. Maybe, the only thing you will have to do here is load and unload the dishes, which isn’t much of a hassle.

There is so much that you can do with LG ThinQ AI technology. With the company leading in terms of the adoption of AI, cooking is today nothing but a smooth experience. By incorporating the LG Signature Kitchen Suite to your smart home, you sure are living the future today!