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Finding the right smart home appliances to work for you



The idea of having a smart home is to make your life easier and to live a comfortable life. Nobody wants a smart home that will make him/her work more than they are in their current situation. A smart home means giving your family the comfortable life that they deserve.

Having a smart home is all about having appliances, and not just appliances but smart ones too. Your TV should no longer be the normal TV that is only there to illuminate the room and show pictures. It should be able to tell you time, whether, take in your voice command, and what is more than coordinating other appliances in the house like vacuum cleaners.

Thanks to the internet, now all your appliances can be connected making it so much easier to keep your house and everything inside it running smoothly and more convenient to access, which is more important than ever now considering we spend much more time there.

COVID-19 has confined most of us to our homes. In fact, now than ever before, your home should be more comfortable than your office. It should be a place you never want to leave and where your heart will always belong. LG Electronics, for years, has been optimizing their devices to fit the needs of their customers in line with the ever-changing world.

Powered by an innovative ThinQ app that creates an ecosystem consisting of every smart appliance, homeowners can do multiple things at once without having to lift a finger and without having to think about it. This is a true feeling of having your appliances work for you. In other words, you become the boss over your appliances. Yaani wewe ndio kusema.

The ThinQ app does so many amazing things. Not only does the mobile application let you control all your smart appliances from anywhere, but it also permits you to get the most out of your appliances through Proactive Customer Care, a new service to the online platform.

With PCC, your phone sends you contextual alerts along with handy reports intelligently based on how you use them. This brings homeowners next-level peace of mind when appliances are being used even more. It even tells you when you need to replace your appliances’ filters, and when they need a clean.

Living a smart life is a great feeling. Get smart and live smart.

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