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How home appliance are helping minimize utility bills



The year 2020 kicked off like any other year. People had so many resolutions. The majority had projections for their savings, plans to amplify their businesses, travel, and tour the world and experience a new year in a whole new different way. But a global pandemic happened.

The pandemic is the new norm. In fact, the World Health Organization has told people not to expect it to go away any time soon. People have continued to observe the social distance, washing hands with soap and water, or the use of sanitizers, putting on masks and staying indoors most of the time.

Staying at home comes with a share of its own responsibilities. Many people have seen their utility bills shooting through the room for obvious reasons of everyone being around. The adaptability of staying at home with a lifestyle of convenience is what many people are looking forward to.

According to the giant tech company LG Electronics, disruptions to our daily lives come in all shapes and sizes. But what do we do to stay on top of everything when things out of our control don’t seem to be going our way? What can people do so that they maintain their productivity at work and have some hope for the future?

With kids at home, it is obvious that many people are feeling the heat in their pockets. To make matters worse, some schools have been demanding for school fees from parents to teach content that can be found online. Parents can avoid extra costs during this time by having LG’s intelligent AI TVs, such as LG OLED ThinQ AI TV, that are more than capable of keeping your kids entertained, offering smart suggestions to deliver not only shows they’ll love, but educational ones as well. Watch lessons with the YouTube app while school’s out or a history documentary followed by a Disney classic via streaming services like Netflix and Disney+.

LG’s newest OLED & 8K NanoCell TVs boast the new and improved α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI Processor for enhanced immersion to give you the feeling of being there, whether it be a sporting event thanks to 120Hz refresh rate or in a movie theater with unprecedented detail and clarity. LG’s TVs really do offer a perfect escape from reality in a time it’s needed the most.

Many people are currently spending a lot of cash on power bills. Chances are that the electronics they are using are taking up too much power. To save on power utilities, LG Electronics has amazing gadgets that consume less power from washing machines to vacuum cleaners, from TVs to kitchen appliances.

Do you need to save on utility bills? Adapt to innovation and flow with the current. 

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