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How LG Electronics Is Enhancing Minimalist Living With New Products



Technology is playing a major role in projecting the minimalist lifestyle. People around the world are increasingly looking for more advanced ways of minimalist living. In minimalist living, storage and freeing up space is key. It all stems from the need to have everything you need within a small space and still have a free room for your relaxation.

It is unhealthy to stay in a stuffy room. A good room is well-arranged, has fewer things and has enough room for ventilation and a free flow of air. Minimalist living, therefore, is about being free and being able to enjoy your lifestyle without being hindered by things such as humongous sofa sets, cupboards, TV stands, and tables among others.

LG Electronics has a wide range of products that are meant to give you a clear, simple and enhanced lifestyle through simple but unique designs that give you the freedom of multifunctionality any time you need. Sometimes, instead of using duplicate gadgets in the house, all we need is one device that can more than two tasks at the same time or one after another without having to change.

TV and Space

How much space does your TV take? Did you know that you can save on so much space every time you are not using your TV? Have you heard about LG SIGNATURE, which has a wide range of minimalist products, among them LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R?

“This we designed around the philosophy that a TV shouldn’t have to take up much space when not being viewed,” said LG Electronics.

Look at how much space your TV occupies and think of how much space you can save if you a TV that actually gives you the space you need when not in use.

Freeing up your kitchen

How “packed” is your kitchen? How have do you store the shopping and utensils? Sometimes our kitchens are so packed that we are forced to store some things “in the other room”. This should not be the case. Your kitchen should be able to handle everything that is meant to be in the kitchen.

If you are struggling with putting your kitchen in order, then you need LG’s Signature Kitchen Suite that all about luxurious built-in appliances that blend innovation, precision, and purposeful design in one package for inspiring more creativity and efficiency in the kitchen.

LG InstaView ThinQ™ Range with Air Fry frees up kitchen counters by integrating air frying and InstaView technology with AI-powered advanced customer service and connectivity to smart cooking platforms in a seamless package. This is best suited to hold your groceries and other products while giving you an opportunity to use AI in controlling it.

Your Speakers

LG’s impressive lineup of soundbars also frees up space by eliminating the need for extra speakers to achieve that cinema-like surround sound when enjoying TV in the home. With Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technology, LG soundbars provide booming realistic sound and audio that appears to come from every direction. How much space have your speakers taken up?

And controlling LG’s intelligent network of connected appliances couldn’t be easier with the LG ThinQ App. With this application for mobile devices, customers can connect and control their LG smart appliances via convenient, conversational voice commands.

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