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Kenyan filmmaker Jennifer Gatero’s latest series now available to stream on Showmax



Kenyan filmmaker Jennifer Gatero’s latest series, A Better Life, is now available to stream on Showmax, with new episodes releasing every Tuesday. The show follows a young activist from Nairobi’s largest slum as she navigates her love for the governor’s son and her commitment to fighting against the system.

Gatero was inspired to create the series while stuck in traffic around Kibera. She witnessed a housing scandal that resulted in residents being evacuated and later priced out of their own homes. Intrigued by this issue, she did her research and discovered that such incidents had happened repeatedly to various people in the city.

The series delves into how slum upgrade scandals impact unsuspecting residents and how corruption in the system continues to allow it to happen. “What I love most about this series is that at its core, it’s a story about establishment versus anti-establishment, which describes what Kenya is,” says Gatero.

A Better Life features young actors Stephanie Muchiri (Second Family) and newcomer Owen Nyasato in a star-crossed love story. The series also boasts a cast of veterans and newcomers, including Ken Ambani, Regina-Re, Nyakundi Isaboke, Tana Gachoka, Ntinyari Karani, Kelvin Kasyoki, Natalia Kyalo, Jeff Omondi, and Samuel Baraza.

Gatero loves working with young actors and newcomers, saying that they bring a fresh energy to the set. Veterans such as Ken Ambani, Regina-Re, and Nyakundi Isaboke also act as mentors to the young cast. The series is a must-watch for anyone who wants to get a glimpse into the challenges faced by residents of Kenyan slums and the complex power dynamics within the country.

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