LG Rolls Out Miraclass- New LED Screen Brand to Meet Growing Consumer Demand in Theatres and Cinemas

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LG Electronics has rolled out a new LED screen brand dubbed LG Miraclass aimed at enhancing movie enthusiasts viewing experience. The name ‘Miraclass’ – a combination of the words Miracle and Class – means incredible image quality that can enhance audiences’ sense of immersion.

Targeted at cinemas and theatres, the new brand which leverages LED Technology seeks to present moviegoers with new, premium services and immersive viewing experiences, by delivering realistic images with natural colors and deep blacks.

“To accommodate rising demand and the diverse requirements of movie theater companies, more lineups and models will be introduced in the future. In this case, LG is confident that LG Miraclass will satisfy the needs of operators and meet the expectations of moviegoers seeking memorable cinematic experiences,” said senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company, Paik Ki-mun, in his remarks, while announcing the launch.

Built with advanced LED technology, LG Miraclass displays help bring movies to life, improving the theater-going experience and offering new value to venue owners and operators.  Currently, it consists of four product lineups offering different sizes (from 14 to 101 square meters) and screen resolutions (4K/2K) to choose from.

At five meters wide, models LDAA025-1 and LDAA012 are good options for small-capacity theaters, which have become increasingly popular with audiences in recent years. All Miraclass displays provide compatibility with Dolby’s Integrated Media Server, IMS3000, meaning theater owners can deliver premium images and sound to elevate the customer experience.

Employing self-emissive LED pixels, each LG Miraclass model delivers 24-bit color processing and outstanding contrast to give on-screen images depth and vibrancy. They also boast strong, consistent brightness with no corner dimming, and produce clear, distortion-free pictures. What’s more, LG Miraclass is capable of displaying 68.7 billion color variations, enabling viewers to experience movies just as their creators intended them to be seen.

Besides, this new theatre solution provides easy management for movie theater operators thanks to its intuitive software and facilitates greater space efficiency by eliminating the need for projection rooms. Additionally, the screen brightness of LG Miraclass can be adjusted across five stages, from 48 to 300 nits, offering suitability for various use scenarios: from playing 2D/3D movies to delivering content for company presentations or special ceremonies.

Despite the relative newness of LED movie screens, LG’s LED-based displays can already be found in several major theater chains around the world.

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