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Our take on the AI DD washing machine from LG Electronics



2020 came with the introduction of the  “clothes butler” – the amazing LG  ThinQ front-load washing machine that is incorporated with AI DD motor, giving customers an ultimate experience while doing laundry. There are four major advantages of this new washing machine that every household should be aware of.

Perhaps the most important feature in AI powered washer during this period is the efficient Sterilizing Steam feature.  Allergen hidden in clothing such as dust mites and bacteria threaten the health of many families and could cause nasal or serious respiratory problems. The Steam+ function featuring in the AI DD series can effectively remove mites and allergens from laundry, with a certified sterilization rate of 99.99%. Whether its baby clothes or underwear, you can always wear them with peace of mind. AI DD’s steam is also powerful in removing odors whether from eating out or sweating, utilizing high temperatures to restore laundry with fresh smell. In addition, the gentle penetration of Steam+ helps maintains the fabric fiber, thus reducing wrinkles and making the fabric smoother and easier to care.

The Turbo360 feature is a winner in our books. Who doesn’t like to save a little time? Turbowash makes use of a jet spray to significantly reduce washing times, conserve energy and deliver cleaner clothes. By spraying water directly onto the fabric, the jet spray enhances exceptional washing and rinsing performance of the appliance. In just 39 minutes, TurboWash 360˚ thoroughly deep cleanses laundry with 4 directions of 3D multi nozzles which accelerate the dissolution of laundry detergent. Conventional washing machines only have one single water nozzles which make it difficult to evenly wash every piece of clothing, and the laundry detergent left in the clothes has great chances of causing allergic reactions.

The new washing machine can also detect the weight of each unique laundry load. It also uses AI as well as advanced sensors to identify fabric types in each load. Having sort out the load according to weight and fabric, the machine is then able, through the use of deep learning technology, compare the information collected within the shortest time possible against more than 20,000 data points related to the washer usage to program the optimal wash cycle setting for the amazing results at the end of the washing exercise. The process not only gives the best results but also improves cleaning performance, as well as extending the life of your laundry by at least 18 percent.

The LG ThinQ front-load can detect mixed loads of say t-shirts and trousers and be in a position to program the wash cycle so that it can use customized motions, temperatures and time. This means that the machine does not wash the load as it is, it can sort out according to the weight and fabric so that the result for each load within the larger load is optimum.

How about drying the laundry? Here is where all the interesting stuff happens. The machine dries each load according to the weight and type of fabric. It sends automatically sends the optimal drier settings for each load to the compatible LG drier for great results.

This is a must-have.

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