So,How Are You Feeling?

In as much this is being laid in the open now, a broader perspective and thought is now being put into consideration on what ought to be and not done.
Perceptions are not as necessarily foretold but rather a view seen often from a point where notion begins.
This does not imply that man or a living being of thought should not be able to tell but also have the ability to, in the most simplest of ways, tell what is on the verge of taking place.
Alive to this, that man is the superior of beings in the creation pecking order, the controlling of the mind and discernment is a trait not to be trodded and forgotten.
The mind tamindthe shape and form of a supercomputer wired to enable the running of a complex set of machinery in an efficient way.This is when we create notions on what to hope for, live for and die for.I am not writing a scientifically-backed piece supported with heavy research but rather a kind of diluted approach in how we as beings ought to offer help in lending an ear.
I am just a voice of one crying for the need and increased acceptance of getting people around conversations on mental health awareness.
In no particular manner, men being known as not being able to open up, the society should now be able to not limit its expectations on men but rather sit back at times and ask the very men,”So, how are you feeling?”
This is a continuing dialogue of which it is just a drop in the word ocean of many out here calling for a collective effort and responsibility in the management of mental health issues in the country.
I hope it does continue….