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Taste of Italy Week: Radisson Blu Arboretum Features Top Chefs and Turkish Opera Tenor

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Radisson Blu Hotel and Residence, Arboretum’s Fire Lake Restaurant is thrilled to announce its exciting Taste of Italy Week, taking place from June 13th to June 16th, featuring Radisson Blu Arboretum Executive Chef, Chef Martin Gituma, Radisson Blu Juba Executive Chef, Chef Michel Merite, and Turkish Opera Tenor, Turgut Akmete.

Promising a culinary journey to Italy without leaving Nairobi, Radisson Blu Arboretum General Manager, Shivram Gangadharan, noted the weeklong celebration of Italian cuisine promises a delightful experience for every palate through its specially curated four-day event as it celebrates 5 years of doing business in Nairobi.

“We are delighted to announce the Taste of Italy Week at Radisson Blu Arboretum’s, Five Star Fire Lake Restaurant. The four-day event consists of specially curated Italian experiences that are set to deliver the real Italian cuisine that will culminate in a Chef’s face-off between our own Executive Chef, Chef Martin and Radisson Blu Juba Executive Chef, Chef Michel,” noted Shivram.

The four-day event at The Fire Lake Restaurant program will feature:

  • Set Dinner on Thursday June 14th: an exquisite Italian set dinner accompanied by an electric performance by Turkish Opera Tenor, Turgut Akmete.
  • Cocktail Night on Friday June 15th: A sophisticated evening of signature cocktails and canapés, perfect for unwinding and socialising.
  • DunchnMseto Italian and Kenyan Fusion Food Market June 16thExplore a vibrant fusion of Italian and Kenyan cuisines at our dynamic food market, where culinary traditions meet innovative flavours.
  • Signature Breeze and Brunch 2.0 Chef’s Face Off June 17th: Enjoy a luxurious brunch featuring a thrilling culinary face-off between Chef Michel and Chef Martin, displaying their Italian and Kenyan specialties live cooking show.

Radisson Blu Arboretum Executive Chef highlighted the Italian experience his team is gearing to provide guests, imploring them not to miss out.

“My team of chefs is thrilled and excited to host local and international guests during The Taste of Italy Week. We are prepared to offer the original Italian experience and we implore our guests not to miss this opportunity to tantalize their taste buds with the exquisite flavours of Italy!”

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