The Nexters: Tusker launches talent search in Meru

Tusker is celebrating 100 years of existence in 2022 and is celebrating it in style. Tusker has launched the Tusker Nexters, are two music and sports talents search platforms that will see the brand traverse the country looking for the next biggest names in kenyan music and eSports industry.

Future Sounds and Future Sports will give kenyans the opportunity to test their metal to see whether they have what it takes to be the next kenyan star. The nexters competition will start its journey in Meru this weekend on the 12th and 13th March at the ASK showground for the first stage audition and knockout stages for music and eSports respectively

Do you have what it takes? Come join us and show us exactly what you can do. You never know, you may be exactly what we are looking for. You could be one of The Nexters.

To participate in the either competition send an SMS with name#county to a short code 29844