Uber Eats to match every purchase with a donation to vulnerable families in Nairobi


The novel Coronavirus pandemic has caused an unprecedented socio-economic impact with focus turning away from the virus as a health crisis but rather a human and humanitarian crisis.

With the loss of family income as well as declining job opportunities for most Kenyans, the daily needs of communities has come under a real threat. It is in this regard that Uber has partnered with UNESCO to run a range of initiatives cushion Kenyans from the ravaging effects of the pandemic. Uber Eats will help feed vulnerable Kenyan families with young children, impacted most heavily by the lockdown.

“This pandemic has amplified inequalities and we are committed to supporting vulnerable children and their families now and when schools reopen,” said Stefania Giannini, UNESCO Assistant-Director General for Education. “We believe Uber’s initiatives under UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition will make a meaningful difference by providing vital support to children’s health and well-being and helping them and teachers get back to school..

As part of the initiative, Uber Eats users are encouraged to buy their grocery and convenience items through stores on the Uber Eats app. Uber Eats will match each purchase with food parcels that will be delivered to vulnerable families. Team Pankaj, a Kenyan charitable organisation is supporting the initiative by identifying the families in need and handling the delivery of the food parcels to them. 

How Buy One, Give One works:  

1. Tap on any grocery or convenience store in the Uber Eats app.
2. Add grocery or convenience store products to your order.
3. Your order will be delivered to your door and a matching food parcel will be donated to a vulnerable family in Nairobi.

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