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Working online is the new normal; get in line and sail through



COVID-19 has disrupted the world. The world is no longer the same. People are no longer allowed to interact as it used to be before the pandemic came knocking. Worldwide, people are being encouraged to wear their masks every time they are in public, wash their hands, sanitize, and observe the social distance.

COVID-19 was something that was not anticipated. It is an event in history that no one was ready for. Institutions did not have strategies in place. Organizations had not figured out how they can enable employees to work remotely and still deliver the same required results. Many have ended up reacting towards COVID-19.

Organizations and businesses in Kenya have been striving to adapt to the new world, including cutting down on costs by letting unproductive employees go, reducing office space by letting their employees work from their homes among other initiatives.

The beauty of COVID-19 is the adoption of digitization by various organizations. Many institutions within and without Kenya have embraced the virtual ways of working and making investments in terms of virtual infrastructure for online collaboration.

There is no doubt that the world has changed. Currently, the adoption of the home office is becoming the new lifestyle, the new world, and the new normal. There is no running away from that fact. The idea of having a smart home to optimize on the changing world has been actualized with the coming of COVID-19. Individuals and organizations have optimized working from home while striving for the same results as when people worked from offices.

Magic giants in the economic sector, such as Twitter and Microsoft, announced working from home for life. What this means is that their employees will work from their homes as long as they continue working for the companies. Working from home for these companies started as a temporary measure to cut down on the spread of COVID-19 and to protect their employees from being exposed. But it has now become permanent and part of life.

Working from home has seen many individuals restructure and make changes from the usual life at their homes. This has included the buying of computers, smart TVs, and other tools that can enable them to deliver on their normal work without interruptions. Working from home has made people realize the power of technology including virtual meetings and video conferencing sessions.

For some, the home office requires one to have something like LG UltraWide monitors that are the best around with the biggest 21:9 aspect ratio display to view every tab at once, for judgments based on the bigger picture. They are key when you are having a Google-meet meeting or a Zoom meeting with clients or friends at work.

LG UltraWide monitors are greater for the communication software (such as Microsoft Teams and Slack) that has become so vital for working on the cloud and communicating with coworkers, and when paired with the lightweight 17-inch LG gram, the owner can video conference at home and away on the recently booming Zoom, Webex and Teams platforms. The LG UltraFine series offers mesmerizing 4K/5K resolution on vivid IPS/fast VA panels with the best gaming features and easy installation anywhere, particularly good for creative professionals like animators, artists, graphic designers, and architects needing that extra bit of

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