XRP Medical Kenya; an institution seeking to change the local herbal medicine scene

The introduction of herbal Chinese medicine by giant drug manufacturer Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Company Limited in Kenya is set to help either boost immunity, treat and manage viral pneumonias.

The series of herbal medicine set to be retailed in the country by XRP Medical Kenya Ltd which is an established supplier and distributor of pharmaceutical products, alternative medicinal products and medical consumables in Kenya and within Africa.

XRP Medical boasts of being the regional certified agents for Tianjiang pharmaceuticals which is part of the Sinopharm National pharmaceutical group, whose business operations began in the year 2017 and became registered at the beginning of 2020 in Nairobi.

According to Edgar Ngugi, General Manager, XRP Medical Kenya the company aims at only supporting and complementing the Kenyan government especially the Ministry of Health in the fight against viral pneumonias by introducing products to improve and boost human immunity.

Ngugi says the institution has largely invested in developing a wide range of quality products whose sole goal is focusing on the health care and wellbeing of the people of Kenya, focusing on the development and introduction of new drugs in many fields, especially cancer, diabetes, anesthesia and other fields.

The country has a footprint in more than 20 countries including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Austria, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong under Fuzhou Xinruipu Pharmaceutical (XRP) Technology Company Ltd.

Through its local distributor, the Chinese-based company has introduced two products, Heathouself formula 3 and heathouself formula while it sets to continue to introduce more high-quality drugs in cancer, diabetes, anesthesia and other fields.

As part of its corporate mandate, XRP Medical Kenya has stated it aims at giving the best service to Kenyan people with the medical resources from China while stating it aims at venturing into long range production on herbal medicine, conventional medicine, medical devices and consumables with an aim at local public and private hospitals.

In China, the company says, some of the products being introduced such as Healthouself Formula 3 have been widely used in the prevention and treatment of severe acute respiratory infections on healthcare workers to prevent nosocomial infections.