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BBI will address our business needs: Ichagaki

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Mount Kenya MCAs caucus chairman Charles Mwangi Nga’ng’a popurlary known as Ichagaki one has said the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) constitutional reform process will better the business environment in the country.

Ichagaki said the benefits of passing the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum far outweigh the costs that its detractors keep citing on street rallies urging Kenyans across the Country should embrace the BBI amendment bill as its good and it aims to promote unity and prosperity unlike those opposing it are claiming.

“You are being fooled by being told this thing (BBI) is for Raila. If we allocate more money and increase constituencies to Mount Kenya Counties such as Kiambu,Murang’a and Meru, are they neighbours of Raila? Let us not politicize BBI,”he said.

Speaking yesterday during a popular Inooro Tv show Kiririmbi,MCA said that section of those opposing document don’t have enough reason to reject it but they are using the chance to propel their 2022 ambitions.

Mount Kenya MCA petition government to Transfers Chiefs, Assistants to  Enhance Service Delivery - CEO Africa

Kennedy Kalonzo with  mount Kenya MCAs Caucus chairman Ichagaki one 

“I would like to say that,the document is good as i have read it several times,those opposing it are just doing politics to make them relevance,”he said.

MCA said reform proposals such as the seven year tax holiday proposed by the BBI will guarantee the survival of business start-ups in the country.

“In fact, the BBI initiative, which is about constitutional change and legislative change as well, will facilitate this process. Through the legislative aspect of BBI, we intend to provide a seven-year tax holiday for young entrepreneurs like the 750 grantees of this project,” he said.

Earlier president Uhuru and Raila Odinga had accused deputy president and his allies of misleading Kenyans.

He urged politicians to separate the document with 2022 politics of succession.

“BBI isn’t about Raila,its all about empowering Kenyans,”Uhuru had said.

Kenyatta had  urged Mt Kenya residents to support the BBI initiative, saying it will ensure the equitable distribution of resources as well as unite the country which has been rocked by cyclical waves of post-election tension and chaos every five years.


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